Hoverboards – The new face of Indoor Transportation

Hoverboards – The new face of Indoor Transportation

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The hoverboard referred to here have been two wheeled, self-balancing product. They were first seen in China, at the Canton Fair. It is a popular technology fair that reveals a plethora of latest and cool gadgets displayed by their inventors and producers. The hoverboard gained plenty of attention in the fair. However, least did the people knew what it would become in the coming years. The western world was introduced with the concept of hoverboard in the early part of 2015. Since then, it has been ruling the market as a unique form of transportation, however, within a limited area.

Where can you buy one?

When it comes to buying a hoverboard, the options have been endless. In case, you were looking forward to enquire every seller about hoverboards, you would be spending a long evening in the process. The primary difference between the resellers has been the price. The price for hoverboard would range from anything around 300USD to 1800USD. The difference in terms of price has often been justified in several ways, from claims made to be the fastest in the world to highly efficient battery than others. The fact is that every board has been deemed the same.


However, there might be aesthetic differences seen such as casings or wheels. Regardless, they would all be made available from the same factory. The difference in price may wary due to different size options available on FloatingBoard.com.

Best customer service

The company has been known to design best hoverboards. They offer high quality hoverboards that are tested before shipping. In case, you have received the hoverboard in dilapidated condition or you have broken your hoverboard in the initial days, the company would replace it instantly. You should shop here, as the company has been known to deliver customer satisfaction.

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