Hire Digital Marketing Firms that Use These New Technologies

Hire Digital Marketing Firms that Use These New Technologies

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Most digital marketing firms are using all the great new technologies. You almost certainly have seen one of the earlier reiterations since it has been widely shared as a very useful infographic that prompts marketers to review their current Marketing Technology and will take action to update their ‘Marketing Technology Stack’. This has been so well received there are even now spun-off series of Marketing Technology conferences.

Marketing Automation

Automation in marketing is new and refers to software that exists with the goal of repeating marketing actions. The right digital agency for marketing has automated the same tasks such as:

  • Social Media
  • Emails
  • Other website actions

This technology of automated marketing makes these tasks much easier. The right digital firm can offer the perfect mix of:

  • Creativity
  • Technology
  • Know how


Other terms

Any marketing firms adapts and thrives in a digital world by keeping up with the technologies that firms will talk about are:

  • Remarketing- mentioned above;
  • A/B or split testing – links 2 versions of a web page to see which one performs best;
  • Marketing automation – refers to software that now happens with the goal of automating marketing activities. Most marketing departments have repetitive tasks and this marketing automation makes these tasks easier.

Set up Google AdWords Remarketing

Set up Google AdWords Remarketing via Google Tag Manager is something that can be used. This re-marketing term allows marketers to show ads to people who have visited previously this website or use the mobile app. Dynamic remarketing takes this one step further by showing visitors an ad with the exact product they have viewed previously on your site.

Hiring the right agency

Don’t hire a firm unless the firm can show that they know what their terms mean and that are able to explain them. You should also speak to someone who has used this firm before. Nothing is worse than spending money on a project and gets half way through it to find that the marketing firm is really not that good; they just knew the right terms to use.

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