GTA 3 Review

GTA 3 Review

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Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto III was originally released October 2001 and has impressive review scores from critics. This open-world game brings many new features to the table from what was available in GTA 2.

Platforms: Android, PS2, Xbox, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Macintosh operating systems and Fire OS.

The graphics are very good; the cities, cars and humans are very well designed (great job people). A very cool thing is that if you shoot a civilian through the head the blood sprays out. A really bad thing is that you can’t enter buildings, I liked to see that (maybe in GTA4).

It would be great to enter a building walk to the sixth floor and wipe out your enemy with your sniper rifle, that’s action you know.

The sound is very good and funny actually. If you’re driving in cars you can change the radio station you’re listening to just by pushing the L1 button, that’s funny. The voices of the civilians are also good they’re shouting at you or at each other, it’s funny to hear what some people have to say.

The gameplay is really good, it’s a so-called pick-up-and-play game. You, the player, will be dropped in the game immediately.

That means no fancy intro or something (bummer). The controls are so much easier than GTA and GTA2, I like that. The missions aren’t too hard either. You can also control boats this time, but that isn’t so cool. The steering of the cars is great, it’s so easy (even I could do it.

The story is very easy, you work for big gangsters, that’s it. If you do your job correctly you earn money, with that money you can buy weapons. The missions are all very different, sometimes you have to kill a gangster the other time you’ll have to steal a car or pick up someone. You can work for The Yakuza clan, The Diablos, The Leonne Family, etc. The durability is not so great, if you finished the game you play it a few times just drive cars or shoot people. I’d expected more freedom in the game.

GTA 3 is a game that really took the series to a new level, helping to introduce 3D gameplay. You won’t find many better games of the time on the PS2 or Xbox. Of course, GTA V is on a different level, but that is what 12 years of advancements allows. Just like with most PS4 games, the visuals are in a different generation from when GTA 3 was released. The visuals were very good for the time and the entertainment value, well that was huge. Could there have been some improvements? Yes, but you can say that about most games, right?

The game was recently re-released on other platforms such as iOS, which has better visuals than the original. So, whichever system you decide to play GTA 3 on, you’ll get plenty of enjoyment with the action.

Finally, there is talk about GTA 6 coming out on the PlayStation 5. If this is true, then I am very excited about this speculation. I would like to see the ability to walk into every building possible, how amazing would that be?

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