Get Unique Smartphone Apps to Drive Your Car Better

Get Unique Smartphone Apps to Drive Your Car Better

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Given our hectic lifestyles, we keep on postponing those small but vital tasks that need to be done, such as the periodic car maintenance. We take our cars for granted because, given the generally good manufacturing standards, they give us relatively less trouble and rarely let us down unexpectedly. However, no mechanical device, regardless of how good it is can go on running without maintenance. It is always far better to follow the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer so that the chances of a sudden breakdown is minimized.

Given the already overwhelming impact of smartphones in our daily lives, it is natural that we turn to the cell phone for planning and scheduling all sorts of activities. There are a lot of car apps available that can be used to track the car and also prompt you to undertake scheduled maintenance so that you can keep on driving without a care in the world. Some top car maintenance apps on the Android platform:

Car Maintenance Reminder Lite

This is really a great smartphone app that has a number of functions built in. Apart from reminding you to take your car for periodic servicing, it also does a great job monitoring the mileage, fuel efficiency and running cost by keeping tabs on how much the car is driven every day and how much gas is consumed. Based on the mileage your car is clocking up, it will also remind you regarding oil changes, flushing the transmission oil, tire rotation, changing brake pads, to name just a few of the essentials. The app gives you further flexibility because you can use it to monitor multiple vehicles that you may own, including certified pre-owned cars of any make. Really simple to operate, Car Maintenance Reminder Lite is the app you want if you need to be on the road without any hassles in life.

car traker


A great app for tracking servicing requirements, maintenance schedules, as well as fuel consumption and expenses on car operation. aCar can be used for any type of a wheeled vehicle like cars, motorbikes or even trucks. If you are using the car for both office and personal work, then there is a nifty feature that allows you to separate the costs. With its advanced monitoring capabilities, it can monitor every expense that you are incurring on running the car and can also link to the GPS system on your phone so that you can post your location on the social media platforms of your choice. Another feature most users will like is that it permits all the data to be saved on the SD-card of the phone so that you can use the phone memory for other vital tasks and the phone too does not become sluggish over time.


Another app that car owners will find extremely attractive to use is myCARFAX for tracking and monitoring the maintenance requirements. Where this app scores over many others is that instead of using generic data to generate reports, it uses the actual maintenance schedule of your car, hence the reminders tend to be more accurate and pertinent. The list of features includes reminders regarding upcoming registration dates and a neat search function for locating repair shops in the proximity of your locality. It will even provide you with cost comparisons for any work that needs to be done on the car. You can manage a maximum of five vehicles on a single app installation. A registration facility on the website enables you to obtain alerts regarding upcoming services.

Author bio: Jake Stryker is an auto enthusiast who writes about tech trends in the automotive industry. In his spare time, he blogs on a variety of issues regarding buying and maintaining certified pre-owned cars.

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