Gadgets To Keep Your Pet Busy While You Are Not At Home

Gadgets To Keep Your Pet Busy While You Are Not At Home

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Owning a pet and care for them becomes a big burden when the owners are not at home. Due to this the pets stay at home and get bored all the time. They are living animals and not just furniture that is kept at home. They are to be treated well and cared so that they stay fit always. Most of the pets suffer from anxiety due to this. It cause mental suffering to them and they will start acting weird. Here are some pet tech products that will help your pet to be active and safe when you are not at home.


Clever Pet

Clever Pet is an advance pet tech product just like Electronic Simon game. In it the buttons are pressed to start the device. Your only have to press right button using their nose or paw. The pet will become busy instead roaming all around the house. It has inbuilt algorithms that will track the progress and even improving the dogs fitness. The performance can be checked through an app and you can always know what your dog is doing.


If the pet is causing much trouble when you reach home then this Petcube pet technology is just for you. It consists of a wide angle camera, laser pointer with microphone so you can interact with your pet. There is also a Wi-Fi connection which can be easily connected to any smart phone and you can check what your pet is doing from anywhere. All the members of the family can use the app to check what a lovely pet they are having.

Pet Tutor Blu

It is mainly built for training dogs while you are not at home. This dog gadget has a food bowl that will present a dry food. This food is given as a reward for performing some task provided and also for good behavior. Full day there are more numbers of interactive game plans that will keep your pet busy. When you come back home you can enjoy your time with the pet and don’t get surprised if the pet shows some good moves.

Wuf Dog Collar

Wuf dog collar is an electronic collar with latest technologies. It helps to track all the activities of the pet while they are training alone. You can easily communicate with them and also understanding the pet becomes very easy. It is having a microphone and a speaker, GPS, and handy accelerometer to measure all the activities of the pet.

Timed Treat Dispensing Toy

This is one of the most interesting toys that has ever made. Just fill it with some nice treat and your pet will play with it all day. This pet gadget has an inbuilt sensor which dispatches the treat on a certain range. Outer shell is made of rubber and big enough to not get chewed.


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