Four Must-have Currency Exchange Apps

Four Must-have Currency Exchange Apps

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There are plenty of reasons to use to an online currency exchange app- perhaps due to a burgeoning business you are expanding into new market, or perhaps you are planning to travel overseas for a much-needed vacation. Currency exchange facilitates international commerce and in order to get the best rates one needs a dedicated currency exchange app with all the important information.

The following is a list of trusted apps that should help you navigate through the world of currency exchange.

  1. XE Currency

This is one of the more common tools for currency conversion and the company behind the app has packaged their website into a convenient array of mobile-friendly tools that you can use at your convenient. Android and iOS are supported, as well as Windows-based phones. The app allows users to convert all major currencies as well as pull from over 30,000 charts to compare currency fluctuations over a period of time.

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  1. Currency Banknotes

Do you fancy yourself the artsy type? Currency Banknotes calculates at least 150 currencies and gives you a visual representation of the new currency. Don’t know what Japanese Yen looks like? This app will show you a picture of the local currency when so that you know what you’re new bundle of notes is supposed to look like. They also have pictures of rare banknotes if you get curious while travelling.

  1. Currency

Anybody looking for an alternative; perhaps something a little more streamlined, Currency is a good bet. It works in 17 languages and calculates more than 100 global currencies. The app is available on iOS, Android, and webOS for free.

  1. Currency.Wiki 

Currency.Wiki looks a lot like XE and is a dedicated finance company offering fast currency solutions for the business type. It is available on all mobile platforms including Windows Phone 7 and Playbook, and it converts nearly 200 global currencies- as well as four metals. Users can locate buy and sell rates for competing currencies; for instance if you want to convert Euro to United States Dollar, the app will show current rates and interbank rates or give you the option of using percentage add-on to calculate how much your bank or credit card company charges for each conversion.

#Tip: When travelling abroad, currency conversion is only half the battle. You also have to figure out how much to tip for services. This might be a problem when travelling for business and you don’t want to look silly in front of partners or potential clients.

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