Five Tips ForIncreasing Your Instagram Following

Five Tips ForIncreasing Your Instagram Following

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With its deceptively simple format, Instagram is the “secret weapon” of social media marketing experts. Most businesses still concentrate on marketing through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, overlooking Instagram. However, the fast-growing platform is an extremely effective marketing tool with more than 500 million worldwide users – of whom more than 300 million are active daily – and its offering of direct engagement with this audience.

As with any social media platform, the secret of success is building up your following. So how do you get more Instagram followers?

Network with your market’s influencers

Do some research to identify your market’s most influential Instagram voices, such as bloggers or market leaders with a strong Instagram following. Follow their Instagram posts and comment as often as possible, so the influencer will engage in conversation with you, triggering a positive impact on your following.

Connect with your other online content

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, Instagram doesn’t have an inbuilt tool to directly syndicate your blog, so you need to work at it. Include hyperlinks to your website in your Instagram profile, and add a fresh link to your latest blog alongside a teaser Instagram update. By showing viewers what you have to offer, you can increase your blog following while you get more  .

Harness the hashtags

Hashtags are a proven way to get more Instagram followers. Whenever you hashtag your Instagram images, you are effectively marketing your brand to a whole new audience. However, choose your hashtags wisely and ensure that your chosen hashtag has no negative connotations. You don’t want to promote your business through a hashtag that has inappropriate associations that could undermine the value of your brand.

Win followers with a contest

Encourage followers to promote your Instagram page by holding a contest. Offer a tempting prize in return for “liking” an image, using a unique hashtag, sharing the post or recommending a new follower. Your followers will promote your content to their connections who may also want to take a shot at the prize, and your following grows larger as news of the contest spreads. A simple fun contest could actually help you get thousands more followers!

Support your local community

Network around your community, checking in to local events such as festivals or trade shows, and update your Instagram with hashtags to indicate the event and your location. This is a great opportunity to build your reputation within your own city, while establishing a symbiotic relationship with other businesses in your area. And of course, those hashtags will get you more Instagram followers simply by promoting your business to people who are interested in your location and the other businesses in your new network.

These five simple strategies can be used repeatedly to boost your Instagram following by thousands, increasing your brand recognition, expanding your customer base and helping you rank higher in search engines. For more tips on how to get more Instagram followers, visit Signal Tribe, the premium Instagram marketing agency for helping businesses achieve more followers and sales.

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