Five Tips for Saving Money on Mobile Phone Plans

Five Tips for Saving Money on Mobile Phone Plans

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Mobile phones are great devices that help you keep in touch with co-workers, friends, and family when you’re on the move. However, they can be expensive, especially if you do not pay attention to the amount of data you use when you go online with your smartphone. In order to keep your mobile phone bill under control, here are five tips you should use.

Bring Your Own


Instead of paying for a plan that includes a brand new smartphone, buy your own and find a plan that includes a discount for using your own phone. While the initial costs of buying an Oppo Find 7 will be more expensive, you can significantly reduce your monthly charges and overall costs throughout the life of the plan. If you are paying $70 or more each month on a mobile phone plan, you will easily spend close to $880 per year on a plan, which is almost twice what you will pay for a new phone when you buy it yourself.

Use Wi-Fi


Instead of purchasing a plan with large amounts of data, take advantage of wireless connections and use the Wi-Fi feature on your smartphone whenever possible. If you have Wi-Fi in your home or go out for coffee someplace with Wi-Fi access, switch your smartphone over to use Wi-Fi and save your plan’s data. You can save money by reducing the amount of data you have on your mobile phone plan and still be able to go online whenever you wish.

Select a Monthly Plan

Instead of being tied down to a two-year-contract, pick a monthly mobile phone plan. These plans are usually much less expensive, and you may be able to get discounts for making automatic payments through a bank account or using your own phone on the plan. In many cases, you will simply pay much more than you need to with many contracted mobile phone plans.

Share Data

If you have a USB modem for your home computer, use a tablet, and have more than one mobile phone in your household, try using a data share plan. If you, your spouse, and your children all have mobile phones, you probably have a large bill each month. However, by data sharing, you may be able to reduce your bill and save money by using Wi-Fi whenever possible and limiting your online time on your smartphones.

Don’t Be Afraid to Switch

If you are unsatisfied with your carrier and are using a month-to-month plan, don’t be afraid to switch to another supplier in order to try out their services. You are only committed to one month, so, if you don’t like the new carrier, you can try another one or go back to your old service. Try to find carriers that will allow you to use the phone you already own.

By using these tips, you can see significant savings on your mobile phone bills and keep more money in your pocket, rather than using it to pay for services you really don’t need.

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