Finding the right software to run a small business

Finding the right software to run a small business

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There is no doubt that managing a small business can be a daunting task. There are many things that need to be covered and running a business in a traditional way is almost impossible today. Luckily, there is a simple solution and it comes in the form of software. With the right software you can ease the job and focus on more important things like the growth of your business. There are software solutions for every aspect for every aspect of your business – accounting, filing taxes, bookkeeping, sharing documents etc. In order to find the adequate option, business owners must take some time to do research and check the features of all these programs.

Cloud vs. installed (non-cloud) software

There are many different types of software, but we can basically separate it into two categories – cloud and non-cloud or installed software. Cloud software allows end-users to connect to apps that run on shared servers. On the other hand, installed software is designed in a way which practically forces users to use their software from a specific device. This is the basic difference between these two options, but there are few other differences and when we take a closer look at them, we will surely come to a conclusion that cloud software is better.

Installed or non-cloud software typically comes with huge upfront and ongoing expenses. You will need to invest a lot to buy the software and you will also need to pay for its maintenance. Some solutions require the presence of an experienced IT staff that will maintain and manage the software and this is something that many small business owners can’t afford. The situation is getting even worse when the software needs to be upgraded.

Cloud vs. installed (non-cloud) software

When we talk about cloud-based software, we must point out that the initial costs are way lower because users only need to adjust the settings of the software to their personal requirements and access the application from any place they want. In other words, you don’t need special infrastructure. The provider provides the infrastructure and maintenance including upgrades.

The security of installed (non-cloud) software depends on your own actions. A problem in your desktop or laptop computer can compromise the software and may even lead to important loss of data. This is something that is almost impossible to happen if you use cloud software. This software is placed on secure servers that have the latest security features and your actions can’t affect the security of the software itself. Many studies have confirmed that cloud software provides better performance compared to installed software. The cloud software solutions are tailored to the user’s needs. You can choose which options you want and how and when you will use them.

There are many different brands offering cloud software and if you want to find the best one for your small business you need to use a website which allows you to compare different offers. There are specialised review websites like that can make this task so much easier. With the help of websites such as Browse the Cloud you will be able to learn more about the features of each cloud software solution and their price.

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