File Sharing made easy on the Mobile with RushFiles

File Sharing made easy on the Mobile with RushFiles

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Advancement in the field of communications and technology has brought with it a growing phenomenon that has largely affected the manner whereby businesses and individuals would connect and deal with one other. File Sharing, which generally follows the popular Peer-to-Peer (P2P) model made it easier for several people to connect instantaneously. It entails an exchange of files between two different users. An uploader provides the file along with a downloader, for the one who receives the file. The files are mostly cold storage for businesses and served by the personal computers of the users.

RushFiles A/S has been a free application for connecting your Android device to your corporate file share. The app makes it easy to share and access files with your colleagues and external partners.

You would be able to access files from anywhere, both offline and online. You would be able to view files or share them easily with others. Looking from a corporate perspective, you could easily secure files by controlling where files have been located; deciding what kinds of rights every user would have to the files, remote wipe a device easily in case it is lost or stolen and gain access to on-premise files.

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Being a user, you would be able to make the most from the below mentioned features:

  • View, open and share files right from your device
  • Easily browse your folders and files
  • Gain access to latest version of the file at all times
  • Be in sync with corporate file server all the time
  • Gain access to files from external partners in the similar application
  • Choose how you would view or open a file
  • Choose for how long a file would stay on the device

Making use of RushFiles, you would be requiring an account having one of RushFiles partners. Therefore, choose a partner on the website.

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