Fighting with the prostate cancer

Fighting with the prostate cancer

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Prostate cancer is the growth of prostate glands in males that progresses without any symptoms. Since, it is the cancer which grows at very slow rate; there are many cases in which the person dies of some other disease before the spread of prostate cancer. It has been witnessed in the past few years, that there is a substantial increase in the number of prostate cancer patients. Hence, the researchers have developed new ways of treating this cancer at the earliest age.

Treatment for the prostate cancer

HIFU or high intensity focused ultrasound is the latest therapy which is helpful in killing the cancerous cells in the prostate. It is the non invasive and painless treatment. In the present time, it is the most worthy therapy which is taken by the patients to treat this type of cancer. It is the therapy in which prostate cancer cells are targeted with sound waves which are radiations free. A probe is inserted into the rectum to point the ultrasound beam on the cancerous area. This beam of light is capable of killing the cancer cells on the tissues of the prostate gland.  The dead cells are then removed out of the body through the natural processes.

Dark side of HIFU

HIFU for prostate cancer has lots of benefits but in addition there are some side effects associated with it. Hence, it is suggested to check out the disadvantages of this treatment so that there are no doubts.

  • There is no real time imaging hence no instant results are visible.
  • Cancer may return back if all the cancer cells are not destroyed.
  • There are chances that even after undergoing this treatment for prostate cancer; you may have to take other therapies also.
  • Erection problems are common if the treatment is not effective.
  • Infection or injury in the rectum while probe.
  • Long term side effect is impotency in male.

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