Essential Features for a Modern & Profitable E-Commerce Site

Essential Features for a Modern & Profitable E-Commerce Site

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As the world becomes more and more digitally integrated with each passing year, web-based businesses have become relevant to consumers. This is especially so for people who want easier, more convenient and safer shopping experience on the go.

Starting an e-commerce site is a great way to explore this exciting business opportunity, especially if you have a thing for sales and marketing.

However, unlike what most people think, running an e-commerce isn’t a walk in the park. To make your website stand out to your niche shoppers and avoid getting frustrated from low patronage, you must make sure your online have certain essential features.   The process begins with registering a memorable domain name. Top providers like Free Parking have made it easy to register any kind of domain names, including newly released gTLDs. You can start your search for that perfect name here .

When planning an e-commerce store, there are several web themes to choose from and pluggins to juggle with. But whichever you eventually settle for, to watch the orders streaming in and get you smiling, make sure your e-commerce website have these ‘must-have’ features.

Simple and easy to navigate store

Don’t forget that although it is in a digital format, your shoppers would expect to get the ‘easy to spot and buy’ experience of Wal-Mart…  or even better.

Make your e-commerce site easy to use for the shopper and they’ll strike an instant chord with them. the KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly) works all the time. Your selected e-commerce Word Press themes and plugins should keep your web design simple, elegant and uncluttered for the shopper. In fact, this factor is the single most important characteristic of website for most online consumers.

Remember that web users have short time span, and digital shoppers are no different. This also means you just have seconds, and not minutes, to make a good impression on your potential buyer and make a sale. If you make it any complex for him, he’ll be hopping to the next available site.

In addition to a simple, easy to use yet stylish design, your chosen theme and pluggins should incorporate other elements that help the buyer make quicker and more informed decisions. These include shopping categories, customer reviews, filters, FAQ and similar features.

Relevant and high-resolution images and videos

Shoppers are very visual, and want to see more than just a price tag and a listing of the ‘great’ features of the shopping item. Build trust and confidence with them. Put up the exact images or videos and several of them. Also provide multiple angles for a 360 view of the item. You could even provide images of people using the product in different environments. Also enable the zooming effect so shoppers can get a feel of the item that interests them. Finally, the images must not fail to load or take too long to load,else you’ll experience a drop in consumer rate.

Make it mobile-friendly

In 2017, any website without a mobile compatible version will lose significant grounds and eventually relevance. Google has emphasized this point more than ever, particularly from the stand point of SEO ranking. Even if that doesn’t sting you into action, consider this: one out of three online transactions are done on a mobile device.

Include user-generated reviews

Much more than what you write in your advertising contents, shoppers trust independent reviews of other users. And they read lots of them before they make up their mind on purchasing an item. Rather than let this scare you, explore it to generate more traffic and increase sales.

Give discount and special offers

We all love a discount; and could make an unplanned purchase for this singular reason. So it’s a great idea to make ‘money-off’ and special offers a constant feature on your ecommerce website on few selected items. And keep alternating them.

But whatever special offers you’re offering, keep it honest and stick to the promise and guarantees. Shoppers are often smarter than you think, and if they find out or even suspect any shade of dishonesty, you could be sounding the death knell for your website. The reason is because on the web, negative news go more viral.

Add a useful search tool

Different shoppers have different needs and specifications, which you likely may not be able to accommodate on one page. Give them the option for searching and finding their preferred brand, size of item, colour, style et cetera. It makes a huge difference in whether your consumers continue to navigate your store and make a purchase or leave.

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