Why Equipment Calibration is Important

Why Equipment Calibration is Important

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Today, accuracy of the devices we use to measure various physical quantities at home is of utmost importance. With well calibrated equipment, you can carry out your tasks without difficulties and you can make decisions without any bias or posing any health risk to your family.

From the various instruments you use to measure ingredients in the kitchen to the equipment you use to spray chemicals to your plants in the lawns and gardens; all these need to be well calibrated. Additionally, the society at large has to ensure that equipment ranging from the medical field to agriculture; everything has to be well calibrated.

Why is calibrating the equipment you use important? With no further ado, the following are some of the reasons you should calibrate your equipment.Image result for Why Equipment Calibration is Important

  1. It keeps everything safe without excesses

When you are measuring a given parameter, you should be able to carry out careful and accurate measurement of quantities to ensure that:

  • You do not destroy the targeted species, for instance, you would not want to destroy your crops because you were fed with wrong information about the quantity of chemical to apply to your crops.
  • You do not want to impair the functionality of your electric appliances at home because you did not have the correct voltage or current supplied to them.
  • You do not have a component in your vehicle failing because an incorrect amount of force was applied to that part.
  • You do not want to serve spoiled food to your guests and family because the thermometer in the refrigerator is not calibrated, hence giving incorrect readings.
  • You would not want to give undercooked food because your oven has its temperature not well calibrated.
  • You will take correct doses of drugs. Calibrated equipment for measuring drugs at home will help you take the drug as prescribed by your doctor or physician without under dosing or over dosing yourself.
  1. It can help minimize costs at home

Imagine that you are using the correct measurements of chemicals in your garden; you apply the required amount of force to a component in your car, and supply the correct amount of current to various electric appliances you use at home.

With calibrated equipment, you will be able to:

  • Apply the minimum amount of chemicals to your plants without negatively affecting their growth or spending too much buying more of the same chemicals.
  • You regulate the amount of current to various electric appliances in your home, therefore, minimizing losses that may come up.
  • Everything will run without interruption since they give correct data that is reliable, and you can therefore, save both resources and time because of calibrating your equipment.
  • In industries and laboratories, calibration ensures there are minimal chances for production defects.

With this in mind, you will now be able to minimize costs that may result from using equipment that is not calibrated in your home.

  1. Ensures the equipment meets its intended purpose

Calibrating your equipment will mean that it will eventually produce the intended results that may exceed or meet the criteria of performance it was designed to do.

Now, you can be sure of the quality of services to expect. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about destruction of your crops, appliances or any other home tool that will use the equipment.

For instance,

  • You will be sure that chemicals such as pesticides that you will apply to your crops will work effectively.
  • You will now be able to cook your food without the fear of overcooking or even undercooking.
  • The equipment will enable you to maintain a consistent schedule of calibration which will otherwise eliminate variations in your expected results, for example, the taste of your food, or the timing of your dryer and washer at home.

Accurate measurements are indispensable in the modern society. We all need accurate data so that we can make informed and correct decisions. Whether we intend to:

  • Measure our body temperature using a clinical thermometer
  • Measuring your blood pressure
  • Checking time using our watches
  • Purchasing groceries or,
  • Calculating power consumption

You need an instrument that is reliable and accurate. Calibration will ensure that the equipment you use displays a certain level of accuracy. Therefore, you cannot underestimate the importance of calibration in your home and even place of work.

You should ensure that the equipment you use for everyday activities is calibrated in order to obtain the results you expect.

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