Enhancing client support through strategy and technology

Enhancing client support through strategy and technology

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Businesses of all sizes have their share of competitors in the market they’re in. Sometimes it’s a matter of being good with client support. So what does it take to be on the forefront and stand out in a sea of competition with other businesses?

You might have a good support team right now, but how do you take it to the next level to ensure high quality production? Are you sure that as a provider, you’re giving what your customers really need? Do you think you have all the resources you need? Here are the things that can make you stand out as a business.


Issue resolution promptness and response time. Any issue that may reduce production is bad for any business. Even a few minutes of down time is critical. You want to know that the IT provider received the request and that they’re working to fix the concern. But after the initial automated response comes through, how long do you wait before anyone resolves the ticket? Minutes? Hours? Days? Or weeks? Sending a request automatically means that you’re having a functionality issue. So it’s important that the concern is fixed as soon as possible. During these times, choosing Avaya phones with your business can ease the issue as this type of phone system has a good technical support during down times, which also happens rarely anyway. Resolving requests quickly is vital to your business’s overall productivity.

Single tier escalation. While most IT providers today offer escalations in tiers, transferring tickets to different workers as they determine whether or not the issue is within their scope. This is very frustrating to the client since dealing with different support personnel can get confusing. Finding an IT provider that utilises single tier escalation will instantly improve this issue. It goes this way: If an assigned personnel cannot resolve the issue within 10-15 minutes, it is transferred to a senior and is guaranteed to be fixed by that person. No more hopping from support staff to support staff, assuming the next one has the experience with solving the issue.

Responsive and proactive strategy. Utilising a good strategic resource that wants to sell you every single solution available is good, but what’s better is a strategic resource that adjusts to your pace. Aside from being familiar with your budget and strategy, a good strategy manager is attuned to your technology goals and considers your ideas and questions. Good service providers will ensure that your technology is working for your business. Great partners know your business and make proactive solutions, working with you to know the best course of action for your technology strategy.

Finding a good provider isn’t that hard. You will find most of them in the market and most of them will work to keep your business up and running and assist your support requests. A great service provider will assist you with helping your users become more efficient, make sure that your strategy is combined effectively with your business goals and offer the kind of support that your business needs and deserves.

And if you’re expecting this kind of support, you as a business should provide the same quality assistance with your customers.

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