Efficientway To Understand Technical Debt In Your Company

Efficientway To Understand Technical Debt In Your Company

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When you have are a member of a software development team, ask your friends how they feel about the quality of codes that you created. You can give them a rating machine which can have five stars. You would find, there are variations in the grades they give. The same code will have a top grade and the lowest grade. Now, why is it so? This is called technical debt. The codes that you created are not equivalent. They are relevant that there are problems in the code which are causing it to malfunction to some people. Now, what would you do in this case? You have successfully launched the code, and people are using it. The immediate remedy is to upgrade it.

Find the faulty code

You do not need to be any agile coach or jostle master to overcome this problem. Since you created it, you know the place where you have gone faulty, correct it to make all your users give it a higher grade. Improve the quality and working impressions that will settle your code, or make you free from the technical debt. On not mending it or keeping it like that will only increase your technical debt that would be harmful to company’s reputation.

Search for the problem

Handling technical debt means that you need to know the problems that are creating the code to have such varied rates. The programmer may not even write the code to make it that crappy. But it may have got mingled with some other code when you create it. However, this problem will not restrict your unique code. Hence, repairing the code or recreating it is the option. Even after fixing it, make sure to get your codes a grade. This will help you improve the efficiency in developing the future regulations. Secondly, it would help you to know what issues can cause such technical debt.

Stress on efficiency and not cost effect

While making a cost effective analysis, it often becomes a problem to keep up with the pressure. The pressure for the creation of codes may lose the efficiency and lead in to bring technical debt. The debt may not be intentional, but they do not restrict the incoming of technical debt. The fact that imposes them greater is the time bound in which they have to clear it. Hence to combat this, what you need is to develop an efficient set of employers who can be well distributed with work.

Avoid writing crappy code

Even after the repairing if your code is shown with lower grades, it means that you have written crappy codes. Crappy codes will only have a higher graph of technical debt. In this case, you need to grow your efficiency or develop your studies on such codes. Keep a directed graph and visit herefor recording your codes that will help you in knowing the factors where you are causing your company to fall into technical debt. Add particular specification to the code and take help from the technical specialist. Make the code as simple as possible to understand its flaw. Technical debt can be at a control only when you stop writing the crappy code.


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