Developing a Smart Mirror for The Future

Developing a Smart Mirror for The Future

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Here at we’ve gained an exclusive interview with Mark Pedersen, one of the people behind a new exciting project called Smart Reflection, which is an intelligent mirror that not only shows your reflection, but also displays relevant information for whichever person is standing in front of it. 3

The developers behind Smart Reflection are one of Europe’s leading app development agencies, having worked with brands such as Adidas, Diesel, BMW, Samsung, Unilever and many others.

Now Nodes is looking towards hardware development as well, since they feel like 2016 should have been the year for smart mirrors and other IoT projects to go commercial, but tired of waiting for other companies to produce one, they went ahead and developed their own.

The overall idea is to design a mirror with computers running behind the seams, and regular computer monitors to project information through the one-way mirror to allow for news, video and other content to be projected through the mirror and become visible to the user.

Besides the conversation starter that this mirror will be for the first few years after hitting commercial shelves the world over, we genuinely see real practical use-case scenarios improving the lives of the users. Even progressive web apps can be used to develop this mirror!

A 3D Sensor attached to the mirror could potentially monitor heart rate and other vital signs, indicating how healthy a spectator might or might not be.

Simple microphones coupled with voice recognition software would allow each user entering the bathroom to have certain settings take place, such as dimming the lights to the preferred levels, playing the favorite music for the person currently taking a shower, or adjusting the temperature of the water if an intelligent thermostat was also installed in the bathroom.

Smart Reflection will of course function in other places than bathrooms as well, a few obvious ones are the entrance or hallways in private homes, allowing the mirror to not only greet each visitor with a custom notice, but also register who was there and keep track of daily door openings. Just like we already know certain IoT devices enabling the garage door to be opened when the home owner is in the near vicinity, the same thing could be programmed and developed for the front door.

With 4K video feeds being the first resolution where animals can truly see what is happening on screen, and they don’t just see a blurry pixelfied representation resembling what we’d call VHS tape quality by our human standards, it might even be possible for the smart mirror to become a great interactive toy for ones pets.

By programming the mirror to also open the cat-snack container when the cat has made a 360 degree spin, or some other desired act, you might come home to a cat that has learned to imitate the movements it sees on the 4K video display, and if the 3D sensors notice the cat accurately copying the moves, and rewards the cat with a treat, the mirror can also activate lonely animals whose owners are on work for prolonged hours during the day.

Of course, some of these ideas are quite “out there” – but remember, so was space travel in the forties, and so was the internet in the sixties. None of the ideas we’ve touched upon today are particularly difficult to design or create, they just require the right amount of ingenuity, will and money to support the pioneering efforts.

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