Customer Identity Management is a Multi Department Enabler, Improving Organisational Output

Customer Identity Management is a Multi Department Enabler, Improving Organisational Output

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CIM can be a game changer for any business. See how it helps various verticals of businesses.

The digitization of economies has experienced steady increase in digital commerce or in other words the buying and selling of products and services online. The digital age has brought about a one to one connect between the business and the customer that was never before possible. Customer focussed businesses are increasingly making use of the online medium to interact, showcase and sell their products and services. Total ecommerce sales is expected to eclipse $28.300 trillion by 2018 as per eMarketer. The advent of internet connected mobiles and users preference for the device has also fuelled the growth of ecommerce pipped to touch $626 billion dollars by 2018 worldwide.

Customer Identity

The growing surge of customers wanting to interact and transact with businesses online has given rise to the need for a management system that helps identify the users visiting the particular site, relate them through a digital identity, securely store information related to digital identities and use the collected information to better serve users. Cloud based customer identity management platform has come out as the new age enabler that helps create, manage, customer identities in a secure, scalable way. CIM has not just emerged as a customer identity management solution, it has proven to be a multi department enabler improving the overall efficiency of the organisation as a whole.

Business or Operations Department:

As CIM solutions is third party service provided by a vendor, the business or the operations departments becomes the first point of evaluation that evaluates the different service providers and the services provided by each. As cost plays a major factor when it comes to investments the operations department is the one to judge the cost feasibility to identify the vendor to partner with.

IT Department :

As a cloud based Software as a Service solution the information technology department is integral in configuring and setting up the systems in place. As the infrastructure is taken care of by the third party vendor providing the service, the IT department plays an integral role in integration and implementation.

Marketing Department:

Customer Identity Management capabilities work out to be a valuable resource for marketers. As most marketing efforts in the present day are data driven, CIM capabilities ensure there is abundant valuable data available to business and marketers in the form of profile data that lines out information about the user in terms of demography, age, email id etc. Complimenting profile data is customer insights that gives an indepth understanding of the customer, the time spent on a webpage or asset, his preference of device to connect to the internet etc that enables marketers to better target their marketing efforts.

Bringing the three most important departments in sync brings about unanimity in the thought process. As each department refers to the same database of customers, stored securely in the clouds by the vendor, the organisation as a whole has a unified image of the customer. A central database of customers erases the usual data silos present with each department which enables the organisation to interact, transact and serve the individual customer with equal clarity. Clarity about the customer on part of the organisation enhances customer experience which in turn can be a major differentiator giving an edge over competition. For businesses looking to expand on their online presence adding to and safeguarding their user base can do so effortlessly without incurring additional costs of developing in house, setting up infrastructure, hiring manpower etc, instead they can subscribe to a third party vendor, utilizing the services on a pay as per use basis.

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