A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Perfect Website Design in 2016

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Perfect Website Design in 2016

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In an industry like web designing, change is the only thing that really remain constant. With new and improved concepts taking over, you can see new tools, tricks and tips every now and then. If you happen to be a part of this industry or are just getting there, get ready to experience innovation and face challenging norms to break out from the ordinary.

While technology may be one thing, trends are other. If you haven’t taken into account the current trends then you are heading towards a lost cause. So how can you really go about designing a website in the year 2016?

If you are wondering about how daunting the website designing task is going to be, then this is meant for you. Remember, you are not alone in this and everybody have their own first attempts at some point in time. A web design Dubai agency revealed a series of steps that leads to a successful website design. Let’s take a look at these steps alongside additional tips to see how they can make an impact in the current year.

Warming Up

Step 1: Set Clear Goals

If you are clear on what you want to achieve, you will end up achieving it, eventually. It is because you had a clear vision supported by a solid set of goals and milestones that help you in achieving the very. Think about what you want to do with the website.

Tip: Ask yourself these questions to see what category you fall in: Is your end-goal to simply make profit and pay bills? Do you want to fulfill the needs of clients? Or you are simply creating a website to impress others? Contemplate on the thought to figure out a clear set of objectives and action plan for it.


Step 2: Know what Visitors Want

Websites feed on the visitors, this does not mean that they need to be appealing only. There are so many other aspects that you need to take into account in order to ensure you are meeting their demands. Develop the personas of the visitors to find out what they are really interested in. This could only help if you have conducted study on your target market.

Tip: This is an ongoing process even when your website is up and running. Try A/B Testing, both in the initial stages as well as later to see what works best.


Step 3: Choose a Platform

Even before you choose a domain name and decide upon a color scheme, there is a need to decide what platform are you going to use for your website. In retrospect, web development was a tough job as it involved HTML code, CSS and what not. This is why having a website was a luxury that not everyone could afford. Then came Content Management Systems (CMS) and they changed the perspective overall, making website development easier than anything even for beginners. There are three CMS that you can choose from: WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

Tip: WordPress is the most famous of them all due to its ease of use and beginner-friendly tone. Currently, more than 50 percent of websites are built upon this CMS.

Step 4: Choose an Address

Now is the time to decide upon a domain name and move on with hosting. Think of a domain name, which could be the name of your business, your name in the case of personal brand or anything. WordPress is free but getting a domain name and hosting, that connects your website to the internet to keep it up and running, costs somewhere around $5 a month. It’s not even close to expensive, probably cheaper than coffee.

Tip: You can even use a keyword for the domain name attached with the initials of the business name.


Step 5: Decide on a Logo

While it may not be the face of the business you are representing via the website, it sure is a mark of brand identity.Logo design in Dubai is a huge business because getting the right logo is not everybody’s cup of tea and so skilled professionals are there to help you in the process.

Tip: Better think of a theme first and then rush to a professional logo designing agency or simply go to them and they can figure out a suitable logo for your website.

Step 6: Create a Site Map

Before you go ahead getting anything else, list down the pages that you will be needing on your website. Make sketches and see how all of them will be grouped. Don’t make too many sections, it makes the overall design confusing.

Tip: Make sure you include top-level links on every page for the visitor to reach you from anywhere.

Step 7: Sketch the Look

Sketching is quite economical. To create a proper visual ‘face’ of the website, sketch it. Make sure you do not end up with a cluttered navigation. If the visitors don’t find what they are looking for, with cluttered navigation becoming an obstacle, the bounce rate will increase. Also decide what needs to be placed where, the videos, widgets, images and everything else.

Tip: Websites with long scrolls, hero images and card layouts are popular in the current year. Less content, more images make for a visually appealing design.

Step 8: Create Content

Writing website content may sound like a simple task but add in search engine optimization (SEO) to rank up your website in search engines, keyword optimization, and it all suddenly begin to sound complex.Google Keyword Planner have it all under control. Get help from there.

Tip: Keep content to a minimum on the homepage. Support it with images everywhere else around your website.

Step 9: Incorporate Colors, Videos and Images

Next up is choosing the colors and combination colors to brighten up you website. Keep a white background so that any color goes. Then include product-based videos or an introductory video to tell people what you do. Playing around with images in the video can also do the job. And when you are to add images to the website, make sure their placement is correct and not too distracting.

Tip: Given the short attention spans today, introductory videos on the homepage are trending currently. Also include GIFs whenever you can for they are super catchy.Once you are done, arrange all the elements, give it one good look and see how it feels inside-out. Also take advice from people around you to see what they think of it.

So create a website based upon the mentioned step and take help form the tips to ensure your website is in line with the current trends. Get to work and take the year 2016 by storm!

Author Bio:

Mariya Sabeen Irshad (@MariyaSIrshad) is a creative writer by passion and a content marketing strategist by profession – a tech-savvy who is currently associated with Dubai Monsters, a creative design studio. With an MBA in Marketing, she holds relevant industry experience and writes about digital marketing, mobile applications, web designing tips, career counseling, game development and trending technology news.

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