Corsair HS600 Headset

Corsair HS600 Headset

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Corsair is looking into research and development to release their brand new HS600 headset which could look to revolutionise the gaming industry, and provide a whole new level to portable sound systems.

The new headset is bringing new cutting edge technology, with new drivers and hardware to produce this extremely high quality immersive sound. The HS600 is said to be the best gaming headset of 2016, and it will open new waters for peripheral developers in the gaming industry.

With new drivers it will expand the knowledge of tech companies and allow them to produce more products on a much greater scale. With the new products gamers will most likely be very happy as they are now able to game in a whole new realm.

Virtual reality release is timed very closely to these newly devised headset releases, which should provide some interesting new immersion into the virtual worlds. When using higher quality audio it makes the sound more real, and everything around you can be brought to life in a whole new aspect.

The HS600 is also going to have a new comfortable model, so that gamers can wear the headset for extended periods(days) on end and enjoy the comfort, so much so that they might not realise that they have a huge gaming headset across the top of their head, and covering their ears. With the new comfort design comes new cushioning on the ear cups, with extra padding all around, and an over ear design to make sure that the headset is very comfortable to wear.


Performance is also seeing a huge upgrade, with the new drivers and quality of hardware increases. A new chip design is also being implemented to make sure the sound drivers function at optimal potential. Gamers should be able to realise the audio quality differences instantly, as the difference is such a huge leap up from basic level earphones.

Overall it’s quite admirable for corsair to be pioneering the industry of gaming headphones, and although they are not the most experienced in this industry, it is very interesting to see them try to take the first stab at this level of quality audio. We were expecting this to come from an alternative company such as Razer or Sennheiser, but apparently they are not capable of taking the leap that Corsair has taken.

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