Comprehensive Understanding of the Working of Rolling Machine

Comprehensive Understanding of the Working of Rolling Machine

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The rolling machines have been known to use various rolling methods for altering the cross section of the material in question. Some rolling methods that have been used in this machine might be inclusive of warm, cold and hot cross wedge. Owning to these unique abilities, the machine could be customized according to the needs and requirements of the customer. It would be based on the rolling design that the customer would be interested in.

Working of different wedge rolling techniques

The different cross wedge rolling techniques have been known to operate at diverse temperatures. In addition, the final product accuracy, surface smoothness and dimensions would be different. Warm and hot rolling cross wedge techniques have been desired when dealing with various kinds of solid materials. Moreover, the machine has been equipped with two movable dies. These dies would be used to facilitate the usage of 3.5 m length of wedge. However, having a wedge length of 3.5 m, the rolling machine have been known to produce approximately a diameter of 200mm performs.2

Pyramid type rolling machines

Yet another kind of rolling machine has been the Pyramid rolling machine. This has been a plate-rolling machine with the assistance of extended rolls that would assist in the entire rolling process. The machine has been capable of doing a wide number of rolling shapes, as it has been equipped with various kinds of dies for rolling at various angles. It comes equipped with an attachment that would aid conical rolling of various materials. However, for the stability of the machine, pyramid plate rolling encompasses an additional heavy base frame. It has been deemed imperative when rolling, as the machine would be firm at that time to cater the desired ultimate shape to the materials.

Components equipped in the machine

The machine has been equipped with various other kinds of components inclusive of the gearbox, shell support device, feeder, gunmetal nuts and ejecting device. However, for the machine to work in an efficient and proper manner, it incorporates a speed controller that makes sure accuracy in rolling.


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