Combine LED signs with social media for magnificent results

Combine LED signs with social media for magnificent results

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There is a high possibility that you will not go a day without seeing at least one LED sign. LED signs are now a part and parcel of our lives. Whether it is on the way to work, at a shopping mall, at a subway stations or even at a dentist’s office, LED signs are everywhere. General benefits of LED signs have been discussed enough and more times but what people are not very familiar with is the combination of LED signage with social media as a means of building brand awareness and influencing customers to convert.

Consumer behavior can be highly influenced by appealing to emotions with the help of LED signs. Social media is one platform that affects consumer behavior by way of emotion more than any other means.

Just like many aspects of our lives are dominated by social media, the business world is no exception. While majority of B2B and B2C marketers use content marketing for building a better online presence, the reality is that most of the shopping still happens offline. This shows the importance of combining social media with offline sales for better end results.

User generated content (UGC) is responsible for increasing brand engagement. When displaying UGC on LED screens at the point of sale, conversions increase by 7%. When social media reviews are also showcased in this content, along with the number of “likes”, sales increases by 13-18%.

LED signs are known to result in better sales, and consumers are known to trust each other the most. Keeping these two winning formulas in mind, LED signs placed at events, retail outlets, hotel, restaurants and many other places will often display a collection of brand related social media posts.

Social media in combination with LED signage is a powerful marketing campaign. Advice your marketing team to get in touch with LED Craft today and invest in some LED signs for your next marketing campaign. Once the investment is made, design your content to specific audiences based on targeted groups of potential customers. This will make the difference.

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