Clone Windows 10 From HDD to SSD For Free

Clone Windows 10 From HDD to SSD For Free

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You just bought yourself a new Solid State Hard drive, but now you need to put your Windows 10 on it.

Easy right? Just hook it up to your computer and install Windows 10, done and dusted.

Not quite. You might have to get another Windows key, or some files will go missing. And you’re still stuck with Windows 10 on your HDD.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just clone your Windows 10 from your existing HDD to your new SSD?

It’s possible and we will tell you how.

Clone Windows

EaseUS Todo Backup Free Software

EaseUS is the market leaders in backup and recovery software, with millions of users the world over.

They have options for the home user, all the way up to big international corporations.

But all we want to do is Clone Windows 10 from an HDD to an SSD. Luckily the Software you need to do this are absolutely free. Not a free trial version. No, completely free for the whole program.

After Downloading the EaseUS Todo Backup free version, you will need to backup all your files and folders on your HDD. (This leaves you with only your WIndows 10 on your HDD, and makes it small enough to fit on the SSD).

Now launch the EaseUS software, choose the HDD with Windows 10 on, click clone, select the SSD, and confirm.

Let the software do it’s magic, and as soon as it’s done, restore all your files and folders to your HDD.

Now your Windows 10 is on your SSD, and all your Files on your HDD.

Much easier than reinstalling windows right?

But you can do so much more with EaseUS Todo.

One of the greatest risk of our time is data loss, and it’s no secret that you have to regularly back up all your files.

EaseUS Todo allows you to backup everything in one go, and when disaster strikes, all you have to do is restore it. Everything will be as if it never happened.

You won’t need to reinstall anything.

In Conclusion

If you bought yourself a new SSD, and you don’t want to reinstall Windows 10, all you have to do is Clone it from your HDD to your new SSD.

Download some free backup windows 10 software from EaseUS, and your off.

This is also the perfect time then to start making regular back ups. When disaster strikes and you have to restore all your files, you will thank us later.

Now go and enjoy the benefits of your newly acquired SSD.

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