Choosing Website Templates – Free or Paid?

Choosing Website Templates – Free or Paid?

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Choosing a WordPress theme can be a little difficult, especially since there are so many free and premium themes to choose from. Most beginner’s get confused between the various themes available and don’t know whether they should invest in a premium theme or not.The theme is the first thing you will have to choose when creating your WordPress site. Most beginners would choose a free theme since they won’t see any sense in paying for something that they can get free.

The debate between free and paid themes is a popular one. Here, we will try and determine which one you will be better off with. The first thing you should know about free themes is that the developers aren’t going to be too interested in keeping them updated. They won’t be bothered with constant updates to ensure your site is compatible with the latest version of WP. While most people wouldn’t even consider getting a premium theme right away, over time, everyone realizes why it is always better to get a premium theme.

If you are still on the fence in this regard, here are some factors which may just convince you to give up your free theme and get the pro version:


Updates and support

WordPress is updating its technology constantly. Your plugins and theme should be compatible with the newest versions of WP for best performance. With paid themes, the developer will ensure their theme is updated to be compatible with the latest version of WP. Free themes aren’t regularly updated though. Paid themes also come with free support whereas you can’t expect that from free themes.


WP themes influence your SEO as well. With free themes, you will find a lot of bugs and very few of them come with inbuilt SEO options. It is very important for you to have a website which is SEO optimized and has clean code. This is something you just can’t expect from free themes.


Premium themes are a very competitive market and to survive developers have to offer the best in web integration and the latest features. Free themes have very limited features on offer and this may just hamper the performance of your website.


Encrypted links

This is the last problem with free WP themes. Most of them encrypt the footer and sell links there. This has a negative impact on your website’s SEO and even if you don’t want to use your footers right now, you may have plans to add certain features to the footer in the future. Just so you know, a nice footer can really help boost the SEO of your website.


If you’re a new blogger and do not want to spend money on a new theme, free themes are your only choice. But once your website starts picking up, it is recommended that you invest in a premium theme. Just make sure you study the theme properly before investing in it since you wouldn’t want to waste money on a premium theme you end up hating, right.

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