How Can I Land a Better IT Job? A Great Resume.

How Can I Land a Better IT Job? A Great Resume.

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In a world where digital sales and online commerce has now become the norm, according to the research consultancy IDC, the global information technology (IT) market is expected to reach $3.8 trillion in 2016, up from $3.7 trillion the previous year.

What does that mean to me?


What this means to us in the career and IT fields is that there are going to be plenty of jobs available in the future, along with plenty of competition to keep you from getting a better job than usual. Often times, us tech guys tend to forget about having a great CV or resume, and that same misstep can easily be the difference between getting hired at a great company with great benefits, or a bad company barely able to stay afloat.

In a time where you simply can’t afford to learn a new specialty while you’re already out there job hunting, you need to be able to rely on someone who is professional enough and understands you and the core of your industry. That’s where someone like a professional resume writer comes into play.

Build it yourself

If you’re not interested in paying someone to help you build a resume that’s ok, you can always build one yourself and take the risk. However, think of all the applicants who potentially are using a resume writing expert to help them craft a better resume, and how that hurts your chances of getting hired.

So how can you get a better job? Well, follow these simple steps:

  • Build a cover letter that coveys your best talents for that specific job
  • Also craft your resume to also convey why you’re best fit, and only references related to it
  • Make sure your references are up to date, and are going to say something nice about you
  • Have plenty of copies in digital and physical format
  • Let people know you’re looking for a job
  • Use social media sites like LinkedIn to find potential employers

And finally, be persistent! Rome wasn’t built in a day, and chances are your dream job isn’t going to just fall into your lap. Let people know you’re looking for new employment, and be sure to always keep up your responsibilities at your current job if you have one, so that you can be sure when you leave it will be a smooth transition, and they will provide you a good reference for your next opportunity.

It takes time, motivation, and hard work to find the job of your dreams, and when you finally obtain it, you’ll never forget that rewarding feeling you get for a goal accomplished and a new door opening for you in your life.

We IT folks have to stick together, and we need to make sure that we’re all moving forward in a great way in our lives and careers. Outsourcing isn’t a problem if you provide high quality work, and do the due-diligence it takes to find your perfect position, promote your passions, and eventually succeed in the IT marketplace.

We hope this article helps bolster your confidence as you move down the path towards new employment, and never forget millions are going through the same thing as you. But if you be patient, stay prepared and organized, you’ll come out ahead!

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