Can you get the bestservice for audio transcripts?

Can you get the bestservice for audio transcripts?

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You may find many options. To choose the right one, keep in mind these three simple rules on balance between price, quality and time:

  • For fast and high-quality transcripts, you’ll have to pay a high-priced.
  • For fast and cheap transcripts, you’ll sacrifice quality.
  • For high-quality and cheap transcripts, you will sacrifice time.

The Importance of the Quality of Audio

It is easier to get a transcript done from high-quality audio. When the audio has high noise at the background or weird accents, it can cost you more money. Save moreor less40% if you end high-qualityaudio because you can be charged extra per minute.Image result for Can you get the best service for audio transcripts?

Weird Accents

Unusual and foreign accents can cost you more money (around 1 USD per minute). The best quality and the lowest price will come from the company who has a native transcriber for your files.

Price, Quality and Time

The three rules of price, quality and time will set the price for your transcript. As an average, you get charged from between 0.75 and 1.5 USD per minute. The companies, who offer quality, will not give you an accurate time. For lower qualities, the turnaround is variable. Others might even charge you per person speaking on your record.

To get a guaranteed delivery time, you are going to be requested for an extra fee. Typical fast delivery times for transcriptions are between 24 and 48 hours. The standard price for 48 hours will be the lowest (0.75 USD). If you need it faster, let’s say, 48 hours, the cost can rise to 1.25 USD. For delivery on the same day, you could be charged 1.5 USD.

Other Features and Additional Services

  • Time-coding:It means to add a time-stamp to the transcription. They can be every precisetime (typically two minutes), or when a new speakers talks.
  • Tracking:It means to add the name of the speaker. It is needed for multiple people speaking on the record. The additional fee depends on the number of speakers and ranges from 0.25 USD to 0.5 USD.

There is no better company to take care of your transcripts. It all depends onwhat you need in terms of time, price and quality. Your source material is relevant to choose the company. If you have different content sources and needs, then you might get it done by various companies instead of just one.

Our five recommendation for the best transcription service are:

  1. Casting Words
  2. Transcribe Me
  3. Tiger Fish Transcribing
  4. Scribie Audio and Video Transcription
  5. Rev: Transcriptions, Captions, and Translations

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