Buying a Domain: 3 Considerations Before Buying

Buying a Domain: 3 Considerations Before Buying

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Most people know it’s important to buy the right domain name. It was one of the first aspects everyone recognized when world was introduced to this wonderful thing we call the internet years ago. However, there are other vital details still largely unknown by the public in general.

With that in mind, here are three things to consider before buying a domain:

  1. register domain – Again, this article assumes you already took great care to choose the domain name that best conveys your business and reflects your brand. Now you need to “register” that perfect domain with a service provider. Choosing one registered on ICANN ensures your ability as the domain owner to change host providers and protect any advanced configuration on your website when needed.
  2. which TLD to choose – Historically .com domains are the most popular but recently a number of new options have been introduced. Before buying, you should take some time to research the available options for your business and country.
  3. security & privacy –  Deciding which personal facts are available to the public is largely up to you. It’s important to educate yourself and consider the level of security you and your site should have in place. Your site will need a certain level of protection from outside cyber-attacks. These attacks can do anything from shutting your site down completely to accessing and stealing valuable customer data.

You may also decide it’s best to hide any basic personal information, such as your name, or company details related to you as site owner.

After all, you may not consider you or your website important enough to need serious security or data protection. But it’s smart to provide your site with a level of protection today, based on the level of success you plan to achieve tomorrow.


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