Buy Attendance Software like a Pro and Enhance Work Productivity  

Buy Attendance Software like a Pro and Enhance Work Productivity  

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Employee attendance software will help you immensely in keeping a track of the entry and exit time of your employees which will help you get the required data to improve productivity at the workplace. Among a number of programs, it might be difficult for you to choose the one that suits your need and this is where a buying guide comes into play. Listed below are 5 important aspects you need to look before you buy attendance software that will keep calculation hassles at bay:

User friendliness

You would ideally want an employee attendance software that is easy to understand and simple to use so that you don’t end up with a lot more calculations at the end of the month. If you introducing attendance software for the first time, ensure that your employees understand what it is designed to do; how to log in, log out and track their working hours or other simple tasks that will make your life easier.


Your HR department would normally have tracking programs and time management software that they use to manage and organize important issues. Ensure that the employee attendance software that you buy and install is compatible with their programs. In this manner you could even find ways to reduce your installation costs.


You being the administrator would need to access the program successfully and compile all the back end data to produce accurate payroll and records. When you buy attendance software ensure that it is convenient for you to learn the way it is to be used. It should be easy to sign in to and access as and when you require for effective compilation.


Data Accessibility

You should be able access your employee’s attendance history of at least six months at a go without having to open individual monthly files. In order to keep a track of your employee’s attendance trend, getting an attendance software creates a simple file to keep this history hand, is essential.


Your employees may find out a way to get themselves logged in for the day that they are running late by making their colleagues sign into their computer. These fraudulent activities can be kept in check by opting for attendance software that is highly secure. You can install fingerprint scanners to ensure that only the employee is present can log in and proxy does not work.


The attendance software that you are buying should have an attendance module that lets you configure and customize it according to your company’s requirement. It should have flexible options to allow you to set user specific settings, wherein you will be able to set permissions and exact working hours for a user, track user ID from attendance terminals, set working hours for half days and full days, track and configure employee shift details and import your employee attendance data.

How are attendance software priced?

While buying attendance software, you will need to contact the service provider with the details of your requirements and your workplace. Attendance software pricing is based on individual needs. While some providers offer a per employee per month basis without contractual commitments, others demand a minimum contractual time period for the services. Most companies would ask you to fill up a form requiring your company details and will then give you a competitive quote from an authorized service provider.

Tracking the entry and exit of your employees is made easy with attendance software in place and the best part of this process is how it leads you to more accuracy and precision by leaving behind all the fussy paperwork.

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