How schools can use bulk SMS for education during the summer holidays?

How schools can use bulk SMS for education during the summer holidays?

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In few days it will be spring and then it will be summer holidays for school students. So, it is time to begin thinking about ways to use text messaging to close out the school session and keep your students busy in the summer break. Certainly, no student wants to hear from the professors in the summer break, but with the help of some interesting Bulk SMS ideas, students can easily have fun in during the  summer break  as well as prepare well for the coming session.

Reading lists and discussions

Summer reading list is an integral part of a school’s summer break. Even students who like reading get worried looking at the reading list and see it more  like homework. But, if the reading list they get  can be incorporated with information and technology they will use in the coming session, the reading list won’t look so scary. Summer reading is considered as the student’s first attempt to study independently.

However, if something occurs during the summer break (a blog article, a movie release or a news story) that will support the themes of your summer reading list, let them realize that it will assist them retain those books when the new session begins.

Summer activities

Making students think they are not studying is a great method of getting students to study. Summer break gives numerous ways to do that for the smart professors. Social studies professors can ask the kids to be aware of latest events by directing towards blog articles and newspaper discussing issues that will be discussed in the coming session’s class. Science teachers can provide a list of things that children should look for when visiting parks and zoo. English professors can ask the kids to journal family holiday.

New student support

If there is one group who can best benefit from your summertime Bulk SMS service, then it is the parents of kids who are considering transferring their kids to your school from the new session. Post a keyword for the guardians and parents of new students and assist make the transition smooth and convenient with details and information about your school. You can give short bios of teachers, facilities and details about school activities and traditions etc.

Shopping lists

There can be no more awful introduction to the end of the summer break than school supply shopping. This shopping can be more troublesome for the parents than students. So, ensure parents are ready with a detailed shopping list united with the comfort of checking SMS. Don’t forget to include the names and address of the shops with the best offers on uniforms and supplies. You can also consider this bulk SMS communication channel as small step towards making your school less paper dependent and greener.

If used carefully, bulk SMS for Schools will help you stay in the mind of students without nagging them about the new session. Remember, responsibility of the professors is a yearlong duty. We hope you will help your students with small messages to come all geared up and energized for the new session.

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