Build Personal Branding In Social Media

Build Personal Branding In Social Media

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It is undeniable that the current social media has given a lot of benefits for a variety of business done by someone. Social media is not just a medium for communication and interaction for someone, but it has a considerable influence in various fields for Tech, Business and Social Media Reader. Through social media we can leave a message in the form of text, images, videos, or documents to friends, family, and couples who are far away in another city or country. Social media have shortened distances and bring us closer to the people we want. Social media provides a large area for everyone to express his feelings. Social media also provides the opportunity for everyone to be able to express their opinions freely. Social media has also become a medium for buying goods and selling products.


We can reach a variety of consumers to promote through social media. We can promote with a very minimal cost. Consumers can find our products quickly, and we can know the response of consumers. Social media also have a considerable influence on the personal brand. We can know a person’s personality through social accounts owned by the person, for example from facebook, path, and twitter. Although we are not aware of this influence, but for example if there is a friend who always write things or negative comments, then we will think that he is a pessimist, always so negative, disrespectful, and cannot see the good of others. Likewise, if there are people who are always positive comments, then we can think that the person is good, creative and show affection, so that the person has a good personal branding.

So our comments and statements on social media should always be considered because it can be a tool to help us to strengthen our Personal Branding. Personal Branding development requires a fairly long time, because it relates to the beliefs of others. In the process of its development, persistence and consistency into a unity that cannot be separated. We must be consistent and always be smart in every decision. So that we are not difficult to do personal branding, then you can avoid the ambiguous attitude or demeanor conflicting. There should be no double understanding. Personal Brand is an impression that is related to values, attitudes, skills, and accomplishments built by someone either accidentally or unintentionally with the purpose of showing the self-image he has. Personal branding is necessary to do so where we can be more easily recognized and remembered as someone who has a certain character. Personal branding is the perception or image of a person in the eyes of others.

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