Blogging Starters – How to Write the Best First Post for your Blog

Blogging Starters – How to Write the Best First Post for your Blog

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These days, more and more people are driven towards writing for their blogs. However, it is always a challenging task to write something for the first time. Bloggers especially the new ones find it extremely difficult to generate interesting content for their blog. If it is the first post of your blog, it becomes even more difficult to write the same. Here are a few tips that you can follow to make the best first post for your blog.

Stay in your niche

You should have a set area of interest that you want to share with people. While starting with the first blog make sure you stick to the niche. People need to know what you would be writing in future and your first article will be a reflection of your future work. You can end the post or can mention the diversity of your interest in author section.

Be creative with the headlines

Do not start with a headline which is too boring to be read by someone. Make sure you play with words. Be creative while writing the headlines as this is the first thing that will generate interest in the mind of readers and drive them to read further. You can always take inspiration from successful bloggers or some top selling magazines.


Keep your first post short

People do not like reading a lot. Make sure you accumulate everything in a short and simple post. For example, your first post should not be more than 500 words. 300 to 400 words is the perfect length for your first article. This way people will get to know that you will write exclusive content which will have all the information that they require.

Make the body interesting

Do not just start typing. People cannot read endless paragraphs. It is more like reading a textbook than a blog post. Make sure you make proper usage of sub headings and bullet lines. Moreover, never have more than five lines in one paragraph. This will make the article look very lengthy and boring.

You should also make proper usage of images to invite more readers. People love to read something which is visually appealing. However, do not include too much of images. Keep it simple and easy to read. For more ideas and help you can visit websites such as


Give people what they want to read in your first post, so that they will be driven to read in future as well.

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