The Best WiTopia VPN Review 2016

The Best WiTopia VPN Review 2016

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WiTopia VPN was built up in mid-2003 with the goal of giving a fundamental and viable data security for boundless associations. In any case, the coordinators found the prerequisite for the same necessity for little associations and individuals. Along these lines, individual VPN was impelled in 2005 that arrangements to anonymize customers online and encode their data across over untrusted frameworks.

In this WiTopia study, we checked the parts of their organizations that are basic to the customers. We will investigate the assessing, customer support, logs and security and specific perspectives, which fuse speed and execution, IP area and VPN servers.

Assessing and Packages

HelloVPN’sWiTopia Review offers two sorts of VPN organization. You have the choice for the “key” group or the “expert” pack. They similarly have gear VPN courses of action, yet are not secured in this VPN review.Image result for The Best WiTopia VPN Review 2016

In the central pack

The “central” pack fuses Cisco IPsec, PPTP, and L2TP/IPsec affiliations. It offers unlimited transmission limit and consistent trading inside the WiTopia framework. This group costs $28.99 per six months. They in like manner offer set apart down courses of action.

The pro package

The “expert” group uses OpenVPN, Cisco IPsec, PPTP, and L2TP/IPsec affiliations. This pack uses the prohibitive 4D Stealth™ tradition. The affiliation goes with 256-piece encryptions and trade port. It offers limitless transmission limit and nonstop trading inside the WiTopia framework.

This course of action is ideal for the people who are arranged in a blue-penciled range or country. This group costs $39.99 per six months. They moreover offer set apart down game plans.

Tragically, WiTopia does not have a free trial. This is in light of the fact that both the crucial and pro courses of action go with a 30-day money back surety. This is satisfactory time to test the organization group you benefitted.Image result for The Best WiTopia VPN Review 2016

Portion Options

WiTopia recognizes every single huge Visa including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. They in like manner handle PayPal portions.

WiTopia headway code and WiTopia coupon are in like manner recognized in the midst of checkout. In any case, you can’t use them on your first time of acquisition. They can be the perpetual supply of your participation. If you want to know more information about HelloVPN’sWiTopia Review then please visit our site.

Rate and Performance

A movement of rate tests was directed to check the execution of WiTopia. We used our first test using while being isolated from the VPN. It was our benchmark for our next tests. We used our 7Mbps broadband affiliation all through the tests.

The main test exhibited a download speed just to some degree under 7Mbps, the exchange rate of 0.38Mbps and 20ms ping. This is a standard delayed consequence of our relationship with our range.

Using the smart interface mode, we were connected with the Netherlands server. We were flabbergasted to see the speed test result. It almost split our past test with 3.54Mbps download speed, 0.28Mbps exchange speed, and 77ms ping.

WitopiaSpeedtest 1

To check the result, we run another pace test while connected with another WiTopia server. This time, we connected with a US server. The result was a great deal more appalling as a consequence of the detachment of the server. We could confirm that the issue was with the VPN.

WitopiaSpeedtest 2

To support investigate, we withdrew to a London server. The result was better with 5.88Mbps download, 0.36Mbps exchange, and 50ms ping.

We had a go at using the WiTopia Android application on one of our tablets. The foundation went effectively, yet experienced near issues as to speed. Overall, there is nothing we can upgrade the execution of WiTopia.

Customer Support

WiTopia offers sponsorship to their customers in different ways. Their site gives a massive measure of information through their FAQ territory and database. We didn’t have any issue investigating the FAQ and instructional activity page since they are suitably created for the basic course. The information in these pages is available and simple to take after.

If you have to contact them directly, they have a visit sponsorship that is open each moment of consistently enduring as the year progressed. We tried contacting them through talk and was particularly satisfied by the quick response. Their visit support was aware and could answer each one of our request with mind blowing information.

Witopia Live Chat

You can moreover find a summary of their email address on their Contact Us page. We sent an email to them using this procedure. Yet again, we were content with their response in less than an hour. The email support was helpful in our requesting and request.

Logs and Privacy

WiTopia keeps up prosperity and security of each one of its customers. Regardless, they are not a “zero logging” supplier. We were taught that they don’t intentionally keep logs or screen the activities of their customers. In addition, the store records are demolished constantly. WiTopia keeps a trailing log, which they recognize any possible breaks in the terms of usage.

While their logging course of action is attractive to us, there are some who slant toward total mystery. You need to find another VPN supplier if you incline toward a completely puzzling online activity.Image result for The Best WiTopia VPN Review 2016

Supported Protocols

Dependent upon the pack you benefitted, you can pick a course of action of traditions to use. Both central and virtuoso groups fuse PPTP, L2TP, IPSEC with 128 pieces w/AES 256 piece reinforced for IPsec. The expert pack has included traditions.

The pro package joins OpenVPN SSL, PPTP, L2TP, IPSEC and 4D Stealth™ tradition. It has additional conferred AES 256-piece OpenVPN servers.

Reinforced Devices and Operating Systems

WiTopia brag in their colossal number of maintained devices and working systems. Whatever contraption you have right now, it must be great with WiTopia VPN.

Witopia Supported OS

Their maintained contraptions include:

PC Switch Cell phones Tablets

Their maintained working structures include:

Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and 8) Mac OS (10.4 or more)

Linux Google Chrome book

Window Mobile Symbian OS

Blackberry Z10 Blackberry Playbook

HP WebOSIP Addresses

WiTopia gives shared IP addresses that customers can use to stow away. This IP address, sort gives additional security in light of the fact that the customer’s development will be mixed with all the movement of all customers. In this way, it will be hard to perceive a single customer from each one of the IPs that the entire framework businesses.

Server Locations

WiTopia has servers all over the place all through the world. This suggests wherever you can’t avoid being, you are ensured that there is a server close you. It balances slacking issues as a result of partition from the server. Here is a summary of countries where you can find a server or servers of VPN WiTopia.

Argentina Australia Austria Belgium

Brazil Canada China Colombia

Costa Rica Czech Republic Denmark Egypt

Finland France Germany Iceland

India Ireland Israel Italy

Japan Latvia  Lithuania Luxembourg

Malaysia Netherlands Norway Portugal

Romania Russia Singapore South Africa

South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland

Thailand Turkey Ukraine Joined Kingdom

Joined States Vietnam Conclusion

After the review time allotment, we could consider both the colossal and not extremely incredible motivations behind WiTopia. We like the way that their site is definitely not hard to investigate. Their VPN client is impeccable in various devices and working structures in the business area. Moreover, we making the most of their quick sponsorship that is to a great degree responsive and instructed.

The 30-day money back affirmation is verifiably a fantastic ideal position. This day and age are sufficient to end up more familiar with the item and test it.

In any case, we couldn’t have cared less for the way that the speed and execution of the VPN don’t meet its case. A couple tests revealed that there is genuinely an issue with WiTopia. Until WiTopia can address and settle this issue, we won’t recommend WiTopia as an alternative.

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