The Best Way to Sell Bitcoin

The Best Way to Sell Bitcoin

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Normally, selling bitcoins is not as easy as buying bitcoins. But fortunately, there are many guides that can help you. So how can you invest in bitcoin? Since there are a number of ways of doing this, it’s important to first consider which method best suits you.

Selling bitcoin online

This is a good way of trading in bitcoins. You can either do this through an online exchange or trade with another person. When selling bitcoins through an online exchange trade you are required to confirm your identity. However, in this case, you will need to do a lot of work like if you were to sell to an individual. The exchange site will act as an intermediary that holds everyone’s funds. The first step is to place a sell order indicating the amount, the type of currency you wish to sell and the cost per unit.

You will then wait for someone to place a matching buying order to complete the transaction. After the exchange is complete, the currency will be deposited into your account. The disadvantage of this is that if you are selling bitcoins for other currencies you will have to withdraw the amount from your bank account. This means if the process is facing liquidity problems it may take a long time to receive the funds. Before settling on a particular exchange process you need to be very careful. Also, if you are using an online exchange process you will have to pay some fee based on the amount you are exchanging

Selling bitcoin for PayPal

This is by far the safest, easiest, and quickest method of selling bitcoins. Selling bitcoins through this process will ensure that your US dollars are transferred to your PayPal account within 2 to 3 days. This process is quite easy. You start by entering the amount you want to exchange to your PayPal account. Remember, before doing this you need to activate your PayPal to receive the money. After entering the amount, a unique deposit account is generated where you will deposit bitcoins. Within a couple of days or a few hours, the exchange process will be completed and the dollars will then be sent to the PayPal account that you indicated. If the process cannot be completed you will be contacted by the company. The company will only complete the process if they are sure that your PayPal account is active.

Sell bitcoin for PayPal at

In this site, you can convert your bitcoins and get an instant profit from each transaction. Although it’s like selling bitcoins, it’s much better. To begin, you are required to sign up for an account and start earning your dollars. You will get 15%-20% profit and also enjoy a faster process. You then deposit the amount of bitcoins that you want to sell. In fact, you can start with as little as $20. You will then wait for the borrower to deposit the amount into your PayPal account

Well, is advantageous because it minimizes chargeback risks and payments reversals by carrying out due diligence on every borrower. More so, it’s legally binding.

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