Which is the Best Pat Testing Software?

Which is the Best Pat Testing Software?

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PAT is an abbreviation for (portable appliances testing) software. Recording and managing PAT results ensures the effectiveness of a workplace electrical safety testing programs. Advances in the development of easy to use software programs have increased the efficiency in electrical safety test records. User-friendly software’s have been developed to cater for those using manual testers and users of sophisticated ones. With a variety of PAT testing software available, one has to know how to select the one that best fits his/her. The following may be the factors to consider before choosing one;

  • The number appliances subjected to tests. It would be very irrational to buy tools test record booklet if the number of machines awaiting tests are high, let say over 100. In such a case, automated tester would do very well.
  • Ways in which one plans to keep records of the test results. If one wants one that records the results automatically (if you have a large number of appliances), then it is important to invest in a downloadable tester. Else get machines test record booklet.
  • The amount of voltage you are going to test. If high voltages are to be measured, then it is safe to get an automated one. For safety precautions in such high voltage, it is necessary to reduce many activities.
  • The money at hand. If resources do not limit one, then it makes sense to invest in an all-purpose software.


Most of this software perform all the essentials especially for those who perform PAT testing and will be responsible for maintaining reports. However, you have to do a significant research so as to determine whether your tester will be compatible with the software at consideration.


Such tests include 110-volt test, flash test, leakage test and extension leads and appliances with long cable test. For an active PAT tester, it has to carry out several tests actually, hence by subjecting it to this tests and the results are positive then rationally it is the best for you. However, the below tests may play a greater role in determining which is the best tester for you

Insulation test

It is a requirement for all testers to carry out 500v insulation test. A good tester should, however, be able to carry out tests be able to test pass on a surge protected extension lead. However, few of this types are available on the market, and they include Seaward Supernova Plus.

Battery powered test

 This type are faster in operation because one do not have to wait for them to start up. Such testers can take standard cells and carry out more than 1000 tests on them. However, they cannot perform leakage tests without been plugged into the mains.

Earth bond test

Carried out on most earthed appliances. Different instruments dictate the use of tester with an absolute current limit. For example for electronic and IT equipment’s, a 100mA or 200mA is ideal. Very few, however, are capable of carrying out this tests.

Pass or fail testers

Pass or fail testers can be very unreliable as they are pre-set and can’t change. They hence have a very high tendency to fail i.e. indicating a fail where a pass has it. They are useless in the testing of a long cable or an extension lead.

PAT software on mobile phones.

As for today, we have PAT software which runs on mobile phones devices. It gives users the ability and chance to quickly and easily record results. It gives one the freedom and flexibility during testing to work smarter. Before the PAT test files are emailed to the trial site. This mobile phone app features such qualities as;

  • Can the stored high number of documents.
  • They have a high definition colour display.
  • They have Bluetooth connectivity.
  • They guarantee accurate measurements as they have little current earth continuity test.
  • They make it possible to transfer data from field to office instantly.

 With such knowledge on PAT testing software, one can well choose one that suits him/her. Selection of such software is seen to depend on what person wants. One, therefore, has to select one that befits him/her carefully.

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