Best Logitech Gaming Mouse

Best Logitech Gaming Mouse

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There are so many options available when a gamer goes looking for a gaming mouse. There’s a different mouse for every kind of gamer, whether you play first-person shooters (FPS) or you go for massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. Let us help you find one that suits your gaming needs the best.

Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse

Want to play anything and everything? This is the mouse for you! It has been manufactured as unique as a human being itself. Every game player dominates differently; however, this G502 Proteus Core is fashioned to let the user modify it with varying levels of customization. Whether you prefer palm grip or claw grip, its design offers comfort, stability and superb tactile sensation. Make the most of your play with this gaming mouse having fine surface tuning calibration and 11 firm and easy to press buttons that trigger for the go-to-command. In case you are participating in a gaming competition take this DPI shifting Proteus Core with yourself. It has a 32-bit ARM processor, to help you win the game effectively with your skills. Plus, you can achieve superb accuracy, precision and responsiveness with its optical sensor and simply improvise to work better by tracking your performance.

You have the ease of adjusting its weight and center of balance well as per you gaming style. That’s what gives it a personalized feel and you get better performance. If you wish to make some adjustment in buttons of this logitech gaming mouse, you can reassign each button of the mouse apart from the toggle button that functionally controls the wheel. It is compatible with your mac as well as your PC at home.

Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex Performance Edition Gaming Mouse (910-004380)

If you are a regular player of multiplayer online battle arena games, this one’s made especially for you.It has been fashioned considering feedback and advice of expert game players and professional technicians. It is the best gaming mouse for performance enthusiasts.

It has a pixartpmw 3366 built in conjunction with logitech that enthusiasts find to be among the best sensors available in the market. It feels very light in your hands and offers superior claw grip, making it the number one choice for RTS and action RTS gamers. Moreover, there is no need for fusion engine since it has maximum control and perfect speed that is significantly higher as compared to G402. It’s a gamer’s delight when you talk of exterior features, totally lightweight and minimalist. If you further test its character, you’d be happy to know that it savers your user profile, so even if you switch between computers, it remembers you. No need to reconfigure every time. You can even program custom keystrokes in it.Moreover, this wireless gaming mouse allows you customize lighting colors to match your system, style or environment. How cool is that? Next time when you play League of Legends, be sure you have your Daedalus Apex handy with you!


Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse (910-004069)

If you want to keep playing many hours a day, this mouse has the ergonomics and feel that won’t hurt your wrists. It is world’s most speedy and quick functioning mouse that has 1MS and Fusion Engine Technology which enables systematically tracking speed of up to 10 m/s (430 ips).  It is neither too heavy nor too wide. Therefore ideal for palm grip players but also offers a lot of resting space to players who prefer claw grip. However, the wire is quite stiff, that can add resistance when you play with it. It has 8 effective programmable buttons that allows enthusiasts enjoy their game with great performance, responsiveness and accuracy.

Though, it is a cheap gaming mouse, it has 32-bit Arm Processor that incredibly tracks varying speeds. Moreover, you can save and rewind your macros. It is optical, and you can turn off the LEDs using the Logitech software. It is a wired mouse that doesn’t requires any battery. Though it has many features similar to G502, the G402 feels lighter and narrower when you hold it. If you are more of a laid back gaming pro, this one can surely be your thing!


Which of the three would be the best gaming mouse for you largely depends upon your unique style and preferences. Some gamers choose to use a wide mouse while others opt for narrow ones. Product descriptions along with customer feedback would help to finalize your choice.

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