Berlin Smart Lock: Technology That Opens Doors

Berlin Smart Lock: Technology That Opens Doors

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Technological advances do not give us respite, each day there are more and more innovations that they go to the market to make our lives easier.

Schlüsseldienst Berlin offers us the possibility of counting with smart home thanks to gadgets that take advantage of the technology to make our homes more functional, comfortable and safe.

An example of this type of artifacts are the smart locks, tools that are gaining popularity because of its innovative potential and great attraction. The majority of these gadgets incorporate a camera that allows you to see who is on the other side of door, in addition to systems that allow to communicate and interact with them, even if we are not at home. One of the main benefits is the ability to make use of the lock using our mobile phone.


Gone are the days of losing the keys, now the technology we open the doors and here are the most popular options in the market.

Sesame projectis an economic alternative that has won much popularity in the United States for its practicality and easy installation, however the current model has only been designed for Germany locks system.

This intelligent lock allows access to the home through the use of your smartphone via Bluetooth, either closer to the door or through the establishment of a pattern of beating, similar to a TOC-TOC.

The Sesame project was born as a campaign in Kickstarter and came to raise more than a million dollars for its financing. At present the price does not reach the 100€.

Samsung and their biometric locks SHS

The company Samsung has been a pioneer in regard to smart gadgets and so demonstrates with their biometric locks of the series SHS (more information) that allow access to doors through pin codes, fingerprints or through the use of a radio frequency card. This system has an elegant appearance and also incorporates the option not to allow any access when the function is energized in “Do Not Disturb”

This lock is connected to an alarm system that is activated if someone tries to enter your home by entering an access code incorrectly three times or if the attempt to force.

Goji Smart

The Lock Goji Smart Lock is a device connects to the wireless Internet service of the house and through the installation of a mobile application, enables you to unlock the access with just bring the phone to the lock or schedule to which third parties might open the door.

The innovation that lends us Goji is its ability to capture images of any person who is close to the door, sending them directly to our mobile phone. Its sale price is around 300 €


Kevo system detects the presence of the owner when it is approached with your smartphone, in this case it is required that the person Place your finger on the lock to unlock the door and allow access to your home. For now you can only be purchased in the United States by approximately 190 $

Schlage sense

We finally have to Schlage Sense, a smart lock that account with a touch screen and integrated to the system HomeKit for Apple, which lets you open doors through the application of voice commands of Siri or by entering a code on the keyboard. Its price is around 230 €

Fortunately the demand for this type of systems increases every day so your offer also increases and prices fall, making the comfort and security of our home more accessible.

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