Average vet tech salary

Average vet tech salary

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Veterinary technicians work to assist in the caring of animals, in a variety of different areas. The vast majority work alongside vets, but there are many other different places where they might also work, such as in zoos or with animals who work on racetracks. Despite the fact that they are largely doing the same job, many veterinary technicians salaries can vary greatly, depending on their particular job description and duties.


Average vet tech salary as reported by payscale.com, is around $14 per hour, although this can still range from below $10 to as much as $18 depending on the particular employer. However, the vast majority of vet techs do find themselves earning around this amount, and other figures tend to be fairly rare. Many vet techs go on to more senior positions, where they will receive better pay, but this $14 per hour figure is still well above the minimum wage, meaning it is a job which provides a respectable pay.

The vast majority of people working in this field are women; while this does not directly affect their pay, it may still lead to men in a similar position being paid more due to a general bias across many different work forces towards higher pay for men. While it is not possible to individually analyze the above figures based on gender, it is likely that the larger end of the average pay is mainly made up of male vet techs, although it may be simply that they

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