ASO: Set the right course for a good ranking

ASO: Set the right course for a good ranking

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The app industry is growing and growing. The change from the normal desktop use for mass deployment of mobile applications took place faster than many industry experts had predicted. The ultimate goal of all digital marketers should be now, to achieve the own users, no matter where they are. Increasingly, you can reach them via mobile devices and on the App Stores. The Apple App Store and the Google Play Store of supply for years a head-to-head, who is the best app provider. Both the iTunes Store and the Play Store have similarly high download rates, but Apple can list with iTunes more revenue than the Play Store from

The app marketing grows, thanks to high download and sales figures. 2013 reached the Apple App Store, according to his own words about half a billion app downloads for the month of May and a turnover of $ 10 billion . Was it at the beginning especially CPM banner that brought the sales, later followed also app deals with promises which were not always redeemed after installation. Then came the rapid development of affordable marketing channels such as CPI (cost per install), via video and so on.

Meanwhile App Marketing has to deal with the fact that the paid search and organic search grown increasingly together in the stores.

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