What to Ask When Shopping for an Internet Service

What to Ask When Shopping for an Internet Service

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When signing up for an internet service, the first step you need to make is to establish whether you want to get TV, telephone and broadband from the same service provider.

You should consider asking these questions;

Do You Get A Discount If You Buy More Than One Service From The Same Firm? If Yes, What Are Its Conditions?

Buying a bundled service from the same provider may be a good deal, but it may make it difficult to change service providers for any single service down the line if you happen to be tied into a long-term contract.

Also, you need to understand that promotional/ introductory deals often have time limits. You, therefore, need to know when the promotions will come to end, and the costs you will pay at the end of thepromotion.

Is The Company Offering Any Specials?

Special promotions, especially those that come with introductory prices tend to be very enticing, but there is a need for you to read the fine print.

The promotion price quoted to you may not include the cost of buying extra equipment, taxes, or additional fees such as an early termination fee or the activation fee. You need to ask the internet service vendor to explain all the special charges, recurring fee, one-timefee, and all additional charges.5

Any promises made to you should be captured in writing. There is also need to understand when the promotion will come to an end.

Is There Anything You Should Know About Setting Up Your Broadband?

Some promotions will require you to install modems, satellite dishes, routers and cables yourself. The problems associated with setting up a connection tend to be daunting, especially for people that are not technologically savvy.

It is, therefore, best for you to find out as early as possible on what will be expected of you. Most vendors will help you troubleshoot the connection online or via the phone when you have a problem.

What Speeds Should You Expect?

The prices quoted for the introductory packages may be for the lowest speeds possible. So as to avoid nasty surprises, make sure that the speeds (download and upload) quoted are similar to what you expect.

In case a trial period has been made available, you will need to make sure that you test out the service to determine whether it meets your expectations. It is important to understand that the transmission speeds you will receive will depend on some factors such as the type of application in use, distance from the nearest broadcast center, as well as the number of visitors to the site you are visiting.

Can You Change Plans Before the Expiry of Your Contract?

Once you have purchased a particular plan, you may feel the need to change your plans mid-contract. Make sure you inquire about the costs and options available for changing your plan so as to reflect your data usage.

Is There A Cancellation Fee?

Some internet service providers will include an early termination fee for all their plans. It is important that you take the time to understand what the fees are, and how they will be calculated before you become a subscriber.


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