Applications that Best use DS3 Bandwidth

Applications that Best use DS3 Bandwidth

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Any business of any size has a lot going on at any given moment and this might put a strain on the existing internet connection. Tech experts have touted DS3 bandwidth as the most ideal choice when it comes to handling the internet solutions needs of a company. DS3 utilizes point to point circuits as well as virtual private networks.

With the various needs that businesses have, it is only fair that they get a reliable DS3 internet connection that will help them meet their objectives. DS3 internet allows for more speeds and therefore sees its applications in different ways around any given business. The fast speeds means that more happens fast therefore no costly delays as you wait to upload your presentations or send out major reports.

That said, you can utilize DS3 bandwidth in various ways for your business. Here are just some of the ways:

  • Media applications

DS3 bandwidth has high speeds and capabilities. It is therefore useful in the transmission of videos and other media. For any business that deals with media of any form, then this provides the best solution. It is possible to use bandwidth optimization to increase the capabilities of this bandwidth.  This allows for a business to transmit more. This capability of supporting media allows the use of DS3 internet connection by media companies as well as video conferencing centers.

  • Data transfer

For businesses that transfer a lot of data, DS3 provides effective solution. This allows for rapid transfer of data from different points in an organization without compromising any other applications due to slow connections. This flexibility sees the application of this technology in point to point access by major companies. It is also ideal in networking in large companies and institutions such as universities where there is high volume traffic using the network.

  • Telecommunication

The ability to handle large volumes makes DS3 an ideal solution for telecommunication within and without an organization. It is best for VoIP as well as PBX systems that use IP. For this reason, it provides a great solution for call centers as it can simultaneously handle hundreds of calls at any given time.

  • Providing Internet service

DS3 pricing is fair which makes it ideal for companies that provide internet services. They can affordably charge their clients. Pricing is not what makes DS3 an attractive option for internet service providers but the technology ability to provide large bandwidth that service providers can eventually resell.

Research applications

The ability to provide high speeds of up to 45 mbps regardless of high number of users sees DS3 applied in research facilities. These centers utilize a lot of internet and DS3 allows them to do so without any hitches.

  • Security applications

Security applications such as CCTV and other surveillance systems relies on high speed connections to transmit clear images and even sound. DS3 supports this technology therefore enhances the security of a facility. The ability of the technology to support video transmission lies at the core of use in surveillance systems.

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