Apple Event Takeaway And New iPhone 7 Features

Apple Event Takeaway And New iPhone 7 Features

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The Apple event held on September 7 announced the iPhone 7 & iPhone 7s, trust me; it is the best ever. After several months of speculations, the phone was launched in San Francisco at Apples’ annual September event.

At the launch the company unveiled an iPhone that has gone through a major transition. Although it’s quite similar to the iPhone 6s and 6 Plus, there are now major changes in the iPhone; you can like it to adolescents coping with changes to their bodies, some of which includes absence of the physical home button (it now uses a pressure sensitive home button), improved battery life, better camera, a faster processor and of course the removal of the headphone jack. It also comes in a new range of varying colors.

The iPhone 7 price starts at $649 (£599) for the 32GB model. If you fancy upping your storage, you’ll need to shell out $749 (£699) which is the same cost as the 64GB iPhone 6S when it launched.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have opened online. Many models of the phone are already in high demand, with pre-orders pushing back shipping dates on Apple’s website. The iPhone is due to start shipping on September 16, but the company’s site listed the Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus as shipping in November just hours after orders opened, with other colors set to take about three weeks.


Some of the Key Features Include the Following:

  • Static home button: The home button is now virtual (pressure sensitive home button), which means you can’t physically press or click it in more like the Motorola Moto Z. It’s pressure-sensitive, including “taptic engine”, which just means that apps can give you three levels of pressure and haptic feedback, like a light or strong buzz. It doesn’t feel like a button and definitely takes getting used to, but so far it seems to get the job done.
  • Headphone Jack: The emergence of the WI chip has made way for the wireless Apple Air-pods the headphones will connect through the Lightning connector port; you’ll also get an adaptor in the box. Apple’s also pushing new, funky-looking Air-Pods headset connects wirelessly through auto-pairing.

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  • Amazing New Camera Capabilities: The iPhone 7 & 7s camera has been restructured to enhance low light capabilities and take even sharper photos. The iPhone 7 keeps the 12-megapixel camera, but adds a larger aperture and this is a big deal optical image stabilization that keeps images steadier. The camera also sticks out more from the back. The iPhone 7 Plus gets a second, 56mm telephoto lens on the back that works like a built-in zoom feature. The front camera has also been upgraded to 7MP from 5MP for FaceTime and selfies. The flicker sensor that makes the flash look like natural light.
  • Speed: The iPhone 7 & 7s works with a faster processor, the new A10 Fusion chip is a 64-bit, quad core processor that Apple says is 40 percent faster than last year’s A9 processor. Two cores are high performance, the other two are “high efficiency,” which means they’ll conserve battery while handling tasks.

The evolution is here, and the all new iPhone 7 & 7s brings you the best upgrade you will want in a mobile device.

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