Animated video maker is a must have for those who love making videos

Animated video maker is a must have for those who love making videos

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Video tutorials and descriptions of this animated video maker will teach you to create videos out of pictures, images and videos overlaid with a voice and musical accompaniment. The best gift is the one made with your own hands. Pamper your family members, friends and loved ones with moments of joy and happiness. The program of animated video maker is very easy to understand, as it does almost everything itself. Even a beginner will cope with it effortlessly. Its simple design made of horizontal and vertical menu items and having a few elementary-to-use buttons will bring users great pleasure when creating videos out of pictures, back movies or images.


Hurry up to create videos and congratulate dear to your heart people, or just present them a great slideshow made out of photos for them to have a gift to remember. Therefore, every time when they are watching your creation, they will admire, how quickly and easily you have learned this topic and have invested a part of your soul and warmth in the video.

This animated video maker is free. Every user may install it on his or her computer. People may download it from the Internet. It helps to create slideshows out of photos, video clips and images. It may be decorated with remarkable transitions and video effects. There is a possibility to overlay slides with texts, titles and titers for the movie that will appear and disappear in the form of animated visual effects. This may be done using a microphone and music from a file on your computer. It has options for changing fonts and a selection of colors for the text and background.

Before proceeding with creating your videos, upload your photos, music and video that will be used to a separate folder on your computer. It is necessary to have around 15-20 photos. You’d better not to process too many photos. It is much better for you to create few videos. Photos should not be too small, as when you make them bigger, the image won’t be of a high quality. They should not be very big as well, as this will influence weight of the video. It is better to have music in WMV format, some programs support MP3 format as well. Videos may be added to your video clip as well. You may do that if you press the button “To import video” in the vertical menu bar. Video operations are the same as those of photos; you may impose visual effects, texts and add video transitions.

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