All About Setting up Default IP Address for Home Network

All About Setting up Default IP Address for Home Network

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Most of us are unaware of the fact that is a local network default address for home based broadband routers. Some of these also include SMC models and Belkin.  It is set on some models and brands but you will be able to configure any router, computer on local network using this IP address.

Using this IP to connect to the router

You will be able to log onto the console of a router if it is using the IP address from the local network by pointing a browser to Once it is connected, the home router prompts the user to input the admin username and password so that the login process is completed. If you get the error message saying “This webpage is not available”, you have to check if the router is offline. This error message also shows up if there is a technical glitch due to which it is unable to respond. Some of the home internet providers supplying routers and network equipment offer special feature to the administrators. In this, they can type any friendly name in the browser instead of IP address. For an instance, the Bell Canada Customers can type “ instead of the IP address to reach it.

Ip address

Some restrictions of using this IP Address

This IP address behaves in a similar manner as and as well as various other private addresses.  It is a private address which cannot be used to connect the router from outside to home network. In order to avoid the conflicts with this router, it is highly recommended to use only one device at a time on the local network using this IP address.

In case, there are two different devices on a home network, two different IP addresses must be used. In order to avoid any conflict, you should check the IP address of your system. It is possible to change the IP addresses to something which is easy to remember. However, it does not actually affect the security of the home network. The administrator console has several options to change the local address and IP settings.

If you are unable to understand any step while configuring your home network, you should seek professional’s help. It is also a good idea to get online and browse various sites giving the guide to configure your home network.

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