Airblade Hand Dryers: Are They Worth It?

Airblade Hand Dryers: Are They Worth It?

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You may have seen hand dryers in public washrooms. Many businesses eliminate tissues and paper towels and opt for hand dryers instead. This reduces the excessive amount of wastage in the place. Most hand dryers require you to stand with your hands underneath the blowers. The sensors automatically detect the motion of your hands and turn on, providing a jet of heated air onto your hands. However, it takes at least a minute in order to dry your hands completely. Needless to say, these types of hand dryers aren’t as effective as once thought.


One of the world’s biggest companies that manufactures hand dryers is Dyson. Based in Wiltshire, UK, Dyson is known for its high-quality hand dryers. Back in 2006, the company released its line of Airblade hand dryers. There’s a reason why the Dyson Airblade is so popular. The hand dryer became very popular in 2006, and was subsequently released in the United States the next year.

What’s the Difference?

Compared to ordinary hand dryers, the Dyson Airblade works quite differently. The Airblade hand dryers make use of unheated air that travels at around 640 km/h in order to remove all the water (similar to a squeegee), rather than relying on the heat to make the water evaporate from your hands. The manufacturers claim that the Airblade hand dryers are capable of completely drying your hands within 10 seconds, as compared to almost a minute as conventional hand dryers take. Furthermore, the Airblade hand dryers also use significantly less electricity.


There are major differences between Airblade hand dryers and conventional dryers. Some of the major differences lie in water containment, energy efficiency, air speed, types of filters, heat utilisation and power consumption. Since the Dyson Airblade was first released, it has won several major awards. It was also voted as the Best Overall Product in 2007 at Interbuild.


Numerous comparison studies have shown that the Airblade hand dryer consumes significantly less energy as compared to its counterpart. Since it doesn’t use conventional electric heating processes, the hand dryers run for a significantly shorter time period than ordinary dryers. Moreover, a simple study showed that these hand dryers worked much better than ordinary ones, achieving almost 90% dryness within a matter of ten seconds. Conventional dryers took around 50 seconds to show the same results.

Buying Airblade Dryers

Airblade dryers are generally available online through different online stores. Or, you could also buy them at stores that sell electrical appliances. Many homeowners also prefer using hand dryers because they conserve energy and offer significantly improved hand drying capabilities. However, you should know that there are several models available. It is important for you to first figure out the model you want before making a purchase. You can’t go wrong with these dryers!

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