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Have you added your business and social brand profiles to If not, watch the video for details. In short, is a super fast way to generate valid, human reviewed back links not only to your website, but also to your social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. Additionally, and this is the cool part, also grabs all your most recent social updates from the networks you added, and converts those social updates in search engine friendly content. Additionally, even all the social updates that have been converted include back links to the specific social updates. So, let’s say for example, you created your official brand page on and added your Facebook and Twitter profiles. When you update Twitter and Facebook, your status updates will be pulled into your official social brand page on How awesome is that? Further more, you page on in and of itself is search engine optimized. Nice! And, finally, if you a badge on your website, and promote your page in your networks, you’ll double and triple validate your page as “official” on SBT. Now, this has all just been about SEO. Let’s talk about the human factor for a moment. EVen though as webmasters we have to be active in all the prime social media networks, not all of our customers are in all the networks. However, they prospective customers often want to see EVERYTHING you are doing in the social networks. So, now, when you create a page and add a badge, your prospective customers can easily see all your social activity on one, clean, page. We just love this site! Oh, and the very best part about is it is FREE! Really. Just go sign up now and in a couple days once they have HUMAN reviewed your submission, they will publish your page and then, get this, then they will promote the page in their social network! Saaaaa Weet!

You can sign up here:

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