A New Era In Home Automation

A New Era In Home Automation

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Many people appreciate the benefits of technology today. For example, some automobile manufacturers have begun building “smart tech” tire pressure monitoring systems into vehicles. In a growing number of new automotive models, the car itself notifies the driver about changes in tire pressure, for instance.


Now the types of intelligent technologies consumers have grown accustomed to associating with mobile devices, advanced medical diagnostic equipment and precision-engineered automobiles will soon move directly into household living environments. More homebuilders plan to incorporate home automation into upscale residential communities. This smart home movement holds the potential to create more energy-efficient spaces that promote green living.

Energy-Efficient Homes

For instance, one of the most immediate benefits of this change will likely appear in the form of greater energy savings. For several decades, consumers in the United States have sought more energy-efficient homes as a good way to trim household utility bills and benefit the environment.

Now smart home technologies hold the promise of helping achieve this goal on a grander scale. Most people may soon expect the ability to tailor lighting and temperature control systems within residential environments according to the schedules of the individual residents. Does this notion appear far-fetched? Just a century ago, a master bathroom represented a luxury. Today, a large number of first-time homebuyers won’t purchase properties without that feature.

An Illustration

Just imagine the scenario in which a household purchases a new system with built-in home automation technologies. The residents enjoy the option of customizing the temperature in every room in the house in advance. They can even arrange for household gadgets to activate on a schedule.

During hours when everyone typically remains on the premises, the home will maintain designated heating or air conditioning levels based upon seasonal conditions. Yet when household members attend work or school elsewhere, the smart home helps conserve utility bills by reducing the operation of heating or cooling systems to the minimal levels required to keep water pipes from freezing. It turns off lights and electrical gadgets, too.

Community Benefits

The cumulative benefits of new smart tech will likely assist community planners seeking to encourage more green living. One household adopting measures to slash utility bills might exert a small impact; tens of thousands of residents embracing energy-efficient homes could make an important contribution to the environment.

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