A Great Way To Make Track Editing Simpler

A Great Way To Make Track Editing Simpler

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Making money via making music is a dream shared by many. Of course, the reality can be much different given the challenges you have to face when recording, editing and producing tracks, assuming you already know how everything works in the first place. Like most dream jobs, the work that goes on behind the scenes can be as laborious task as any, but a task made much more enjoyable if it is made simpler.

The music industry has seen many innovations and inventions that have either dropped dead upon release to the world or become the next biggest thing in the business. Today is no different, and new equipment that simplifies the process of recording great quality tracks is always improving. If you’re in the business that most people would dream to be in, recording equipment from Editors Keys could make your job even more enjoyable.

recording equipment

Streamlining Music Production

There are an abundance of great tools that make music recording simpler than before the advent of the modern computer. These include special made editing keyboards for some of the most popular recording computer programmes, such as Cubase, Ableton and Presonus Studio One.

  • Simpler editing – If you’re in the music industry, you’ve likely battled for hours on end on an abundance of separate occasions in an attempt to perfectly edit the track you’re working on. There are too many shortcuts to learn off by heart and when you’re racing against time, the last thing you want to be doing is clicking through multiple menus or reading through convoluted PDF documents. Editing keyboards are designed to almost eliminate this problem, featuring all the most popular shortcuts on the keyboard itself, clearly labelled for ease of use.

Simpler editing

  • No more squinting – Working in a dark recording studio can be a nuisance, especially when the lights need to be dimmed and simply seeing what you’re actually doing can be a pain. Keyboards from Editor Keys are backlit, meaning the studio can remain dark while your button pressing requirements can be clearly visible. Eye strain can lead to problems later in life, so even if a backlight seems like something simple, it might be something you’re thankful for later in life.

Working in a dark recording studio

  • Compatible with different operating systems – Some people prefer Macs, Others PCs, the rare few use an operating system others haven’t even heard of. This can often mean finding equipment that’s compatible with your system can turn into a bit of a headache. Luckily, there are many different types of editing keyboards that can be used with multiple operating systems.

different operating systems

We’ve made the transition from using cassette tape players to MP3 downloadable tracks because making thing simpler is never a bad thing. Even if people envy your job, making it a little easier to carry out successfully is something you’ll be thankful for, and that could be the same for the people who’ll be listening to the tracks you create.

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