A Cool Android Game App – Pixel Robot Jump Saga

A Cool Android Game App – Pixel Robot Jump Saga

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The world of applications has increased rapidly all over the world. People are crazy about playing different kind of games on mobile phones. There are many types of games like some of fun, adventure, mind control, action, time and movement. Pixel Robot Jump Saga is the game of fun, concentration and mind. It’s a great joy to score more and share with friends.

How to Install?

icon (1)The Game is available for Android Users. Just go to Google Play in your phone and type Pixel Robot Jump Saga there, and you will find the game on the top with the left side symbol. It is advisable to turn on the wifi to save the valuable mobile data of your phone. Click on the install button there and the process with start, you will be asked to join with a Google ID for verification, so verify your account and get ready for fun.

How to Play?

Oh, it’s very simple to play the game. You require only your thumb to operate the game. Your sharp eyes, Concentration, control on thumb is required to do maximum score. It is very easy to operate but its little bit tough to make higher score, that’s what I experienced.

Your goal in the game is to jump out of the vertical circle smartly with controlling the jumps of the robot. If you touch the circle while playing then you will lose the game, that’s the simple rule! May be I am not good enough to score more as I am curious and fast to complete the game, so I must say that patience is required to play the game. Checkout some screenshots to get more idea about the game.

image 1

Music and Features

Music in the game is enjoyable and it can also help to concentrate in the game. Features are very clear to understand. There is no complex at all in the game which can confuse anytime in it. It’s very clear for the player’s point of view.

Reviews on Google Play

People are enjoying and playing again and again, that’s what I can pretend from the reviews posted on the game app. The overall rating of the game is 4.3 out of 5, which is noticeable.

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