7 Website Designing Ideas for Small Business

7 Website Designing Ideas for Small Business

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Small business owners just starting out can be forgiven for feeling utterly overwhelmed. They have been inundated with a lot more requests for proposals to build and design their own websites than they can handle. Little did they know, starting up their own website is not only a lot less complex than it seems, it is also rewarding in more ways than one.

Why is this idea of doing things at own steam rewarding? Apart from learning new technologies, the sense of empowerment that new business owners get from positive responses can also be invigorating after they have learned to craft their message strategically.

  1. Creative but effective copy

Long before proceeding with designs and how their website should look, start-up marketers should practice creating their own well-worded statements in a persuasive but friendly manner. By using short sentences and not more than three short paragraphs in each online message, focus must be placed on the correct use of grammar and consistency of language.

  1. Market range and appropriate links


Savvy new business owners should already have a clear idea of their target market and should be thinking about creating strategic and relevant links which will drive potential customers to their site. Staying with market relevance, new users should be proactive in their online networking approach.

  1. Blog sales pitches

Once the site is up and running, keep sales messages short, clear and to the point. This is indicative of a confident belief in the product being sold. While confidence sells, there is no need for outright aggression.

  1. Clear and simple

Product descriptions and sales pitches should be crafted in a language that most online readers will understand. English is also a universal language widely spoken by second and third language speakers. Do not automatically assume that your chosen market will understand pretentious jargon and technical language.

  1. Ask for help on proper coding

Proper coding is not just about presentation and getting your message across. While you spend more time on developing your business, you can contract an experienced technician to take care of your RFP website development. While you focus on your inherent message, the coder should make sure your site is efficiently and quickly accessible to future customers.

  1. White space and font choice

Never clutter your design features and overwhelm customers with too much visual information. Keep things clear, legible and visually appealing by using white space and a medium to large-sized font (14 is ideal).

  1. Keep your inventory functional

This will depend on the nature of your business or product line, but also try to limit the number of catalogues on display. If your inventory is extensive, try to group products thematically.

Of course, there are a lot more innovative and productive ways that small business owners can use to create their own website, but these seven design ideas should go some way in helping them prioritize their design program on the most important areas which will help get their marketing message across.

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