5 Cool Features Of The Hopper 3 Whole Home DVR

5 Cool Features Of The Hopper 3 Whole Home DVR

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Watching TV is amazing, but choosinga TV service provider is not. As amazing as TV is, your TV service has to be too. Here are 5 cool features DISH Network’s Hopper 3 has that’ll make you rethink your TV service choice.

1.       Watch 4 Channels At The Same Time

Yes, it’s true! You finally can catch coverage from multiple games at the same time! One of the best features of the Hopper 3 for sports fans is the Multiview mode that lets you watch your four chosen channels side by side in HD.

2.       Watch TV Anywhere

Never miss a second of your favorite show or sports game ever again! Whether you’re at the grocery store, doctors office or simply at a friend’s house, just log into the DISH Anywhere app and watch live TV! Plus, you’ll have access to all your recorded shows and the on-demand library!

3.       4k Programming

What’s a 4K TV good for when you don’t have 4k service? 4K programming is still relatively new, but technology it is constantly evolving. 4k programming is available with the Hopper 3! Watch movies on demand and Netflix 4k programming. Don’t have a 4k TV yet? No problem! You can still watch your programming in HD.

4.       Remote Control Locator

There’s finally help for when you lose your remote control. Just pop open the front panel of the Hopper 3 and push the “Locate Remote” button. Your remote will beep and the top four buttons will flash until you find it.

5.       Record Up To 16 Channels At The Same Time

You’ll be hardpressed to have a recording conflict with being able to record up to 16 channels at the same time. Plus the Hopper 3 can store up to 2,000 hours of content, so there’s no need to delete your shows before you watch them ever again.

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