4 Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Building Applications

4 Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Building Applications

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It seems like everyone is getting into the mobile apps business. Even businesses that don’t really utilize the mobile web have found they can benefit from a solid—and even a simple—mobile web app.  These can, of course, improve your visibility and market penetration but apps can also generate secondary revenue through ads.

It is obvious there are many benefits to a mobile app.  However, that does not mean that you should just dive in and make your own without a strategy.  There are many mistakes you could make that could ruin your app, and potentially your entire business in the process.

Consider Your Platform

There are two parts to this.  Apple iOS and Google Android are very different landscapes and developers will encounter different problems when building within these environments. This can slow down production but can also cause a developer to overlook potential problems.  

Secondly, though, you want to also make sure that you are building on the right platform at the right pace.  For example, the Apple iOS is popular—and more immediately lucrative—in the United States but Android is easily the most popular in the world. While your small business may not need that global audience, you may find it too costly to work on iOS as you start out.2

Mobile Web versus Full Web

Make sure that you remember web most people use on a daily basis is a downsized, mobile version.  This means smaller processors, smaller screens, smaller interactions.  You have to think about the few minutes a user has to engage at a time. This restricts how much media and information you can display per screen.  Lots of data, too, increases load time and that can slow down a phone—and you don’t want to be that app that takes forever to load.

Always Use Analytics

Nobody launches a website without first consulting with Google Analytics to determine what data is attracting visitors and what is converting to actual dollars.  The same should be true for mobile apps—but you might be surprised how many people overlook this part.  Indeed, use a mobile app analytics service to make more data-driven decisions in regards to your design, content, and overall user experience.

Never Overlook Monetization

Even if you are building steadily and effectively, only earning a little money at first, it is important to think about monetization options. QuickSeries custom apps might, for example, first only monetize Google ads, you should also consider other ways to improve your profitability through your app.

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